5 Academicians from SAU Received University-Industry Cooperation Award

Saulu academic received university industry cooperation award
Saulu academic received university industry cooperation award

Sakarya University faculty members Prof. Dr. Calm Olive, Prof. Dr. Zehra Ayhan, Assoc. Dr. Dilek Angın, Prof. Dr. Nedim Sözbir and Prof. Dr. Ümit Kocabıçak received their plaques at the Award Ceremony organized within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation.

5 academicians from Sakarya University received their plaques at the Award Ceremony organized within the scope of Sakarya Technopolis University-Industry Cooperation.

The award ceremony held in Sakarya Teknokent was attended by SAU Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Hatem Akbulut and Prof. Dr. Barış Tamer Tonguç, Rector of Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBÜ) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Saribıyık, Sakarya Technopolis Manager Prof. Dr. Şakir Görmiş and academicians from SAÜ and SUBÜ attended.

At the ceremony, which started with the opening speeches, Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan stated that the award ceremony was a good stage in terms of university-industry cooperation and said, “This award ceremony is important especially in terms of the fact that our academicians, whose work is prominent, are a little more visible and that the administrations follow and appreciate them. Despair also occurs in extraordinary times such as the epidemic. However, there are always things that can be done. The performance of Sakarya Technopolis has increased enormously in recent years. The fact that the occupancy rate of Sakarya Technopolis has reached 100 percent is a good sign that it is well managed and the wheels are full. In this occupancy rate, we know that both the numbers of our academicians and students' companies are increasing and their turnover is increasing. This is a good development, ”he said.

"Our talents will be seen more by the sector"

Sakarya Technopolis Technopolis among other warring pointed out that an important place, "we have the claim to be open to all industry sectors in Sakarya in Turkey, especially as the university. We uncovered the device inventory and made it available to everyone. With these and similar studies, our talents will be seen more by the sector. We need to be able to show ourselves and our talents to the business world without too much trouble. For this, infrastructure works were completed without neglect. From now on, there will be much more effective collaborations. We also need to move rapidly in the field of commercialization and patenting. The volume and number also need to increase. I congratulate our academics. We are obliged to provide them with the necessary support to carry their work further ”.

"We wanted to crown the fruit of our work with an award"

Prof. Dr. Şakir Görmiş also mentioned that Teknokent continues to work towards its goals and gave information about the projects they have done as Sakarya Teknokent. Prof. Dr. Görmiş said, “Currently, there are 4 projects that we are carrying out as Technopolis apart from our academicians. One of them is the 'Qualified Workforce and Entrepreneurs Center' project, which is also accepted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with a cost of approximately 1 million lira. In 2019, the SODEP project was the only accepted project. We will launch this in April. We have a project together with the SAU Alumni Association to be a prototype center in the field of space and aviation, and this project was accepted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We are planning to fly our first UAV and rotary wing in April 2022. We are thinking of commercializing them at the same time. Our projects related to localization and rail systems have been accepted by the Development Agency ”.

Pointing out that they expanded their cooperation with various institutions and academicians within the scope of university-industry cooperation, Görmiş said, “We are also working closely with our academicians and we have started to reap the fruits of this. This is why we are holding this ceremony. Despite the pandemic, we have increased our performance by 2 percent by being included in the university-industry cooperation in 2020 compared to 40 years ago. We are especially pleased that our female academics also play an active role in this ”.

"Collaborations with universities are increasing"

SUBÜ Rector Sarıbıyık, on the other hand, stated that technoparks are among the sine qua non of university-industry cooperation and said, “Good work is being done and continues in Sakarya Technopolis. Technopolises continue to work increasingly despite the pandemic. University collaborations are increasing, especially in manufacturing related sectors. These awards are also important in terms of incentives ”.

After the speeches, plaques and documents of the academicians who received awards at SAU and SUBU were presented.

SAU Engineering Faculty Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Sakin Zeytin, faculty members from the Department of Food Engineering, Prof. Dr. Zehra Ayhan and Assoc. Dr. Dilek Angın, Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Nedim Sözbir and Computer Engineering Faculty Member of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Prof. Dr. Ümit Kocabıçak received her awards and plaques.


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