Employment Condition for New Graduate Engineers and Architects in Çiğli Tram Tender!

Employed newly graduated engineers and architects in the cigli tram tender
Employed newly graduated engineers and architects in the cigli tram tender

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality carried out an exemplary application that will provide employment to young engineers and architects in investments made through public tenders. The Metropolitan Municipality added to the Çiğli Tramway Construction Tender specification that two new graduates of the relevant engineering branches and architecture departments should be employed in the construction of the project.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to make room for new graduates in large-scale public projects, has broken another ground. With the Çiğli Tramway Construction Tender, the Metropolitan Municipality obliged the contractor company to employ newly graduated engineers and architects. Thus Metropolitan Municipality as well as providing employment for young people will also be an example to Turkey.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor made a statement on the subject. Tunç Soyer, stating that with the special clause included in the technical specifications of the Çiğli Tramway Construction Tender, two people who graduated from the departments of construction, machinery, electrical-electronics, mapping, geological engineering and architecture in the last three years will work on the Çiğli Tramway project, said:

“Regardless of the department, it is well known that new graduates from universities have difficulty finding a job because they are 'inexperienced'. Even in public tenders, the requirement of 'at least five years of experience' is generally required. In this regard, we are proud to take a step that will set an example for the country with our Rail Systems Department. These young people are our children. They are all gems. Thanks to their experience in these big projects, I believe they will undertake very important works in the future. I hope that the continuation of this first step we have taken will be followed by other local administrations and public institutions. "

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