Cycling Culture to Spread in Konya

Bicycle culture will become widespread in Konya
Bicycle culture will become widespread in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality President Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Turkey's longest with 550 kilometers of bicycle paths where cycling culture and awareness in Konya, said they continue to work to increase efforts to improve.

Noting that the bicycle has many positive effects on the environment and society, such as not consuming fuel, not creating traffic congestion, not polluting the environment, requiring much less investment cost compared to road vehicles, and not creating noise, Mayor Altay said that in order to increase the use of bicycles and awareness about bicycle, a different visual and electronic He stated that they started to work on the guidance and information screens. Mayor Altay said, “Our aim is not only to explain the positive effects of cycling to our citizens, but also to protect the rights of cyclists. We started this work with the slogan 'I love the environment, I ride a bike'. In a period when global warming and drought are on the agenda, we first wanted to express the effect of cycling in combating climate change and protecting the environment. With these kinds of activities, we aim to spread cycling culture and awareness to the whole society in Konya, the city of cycling. Our ultimate goal is to increase the rate of bicycle use by encouraging the use of bicycles in urban transportation. " He spoke in the form.


In the electronic guidance and information screens put into use at 2019 points in the city center in 55; Road vehicles are instantly informed about the average arrival times between two points, road conditions, information, parking guidance, accident and transportation situations. On 55 of these 30 electronic guidance and information screens, information and warning visuals about bicycles will be shared with a different visual every week throughout 2021.

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