Attention to 19 Cardiovascular Problems Affected by Covid-5

Pay attention to the cardiovascular problem affected by covid
Pay attention to the cardiovascular problem affected by covid

Covid-19 virus can directly damage the heart muscle, as well as severe cardiac problems with sudden overload on the heart as a result of damage to the lungs.

In addition, in both coronary and other vascular systems, the reactions that occur during the viral infection process (changes on the coagulation system, excessive immune response, cytokine storm, shock table) can indirectly affect the heart seriously and cause fatal consequences. Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital. Dr. Aşkın Ali Korkmaz gave information about the effects of coronavirus on the cardiovascular system.

1-Myocarditis (Heart muscle inflammation)

Sudden heart damage occurs in approximately 19% of Covid 20 cases. Myocarditis usually resolves spontaneously without special treatment in patients with mild symptoms and mild cardiac muscle dysfunction. However, in 30% of the cases, irreversible heart muscle damage called dilated cardiomyopathy may develop.

2-Hypertension (High blood pressure)

In 19/2 of those who died due to Covid-3 infection, cardiovascular diseases, especially hypertension, or diabetes were detected. Misleading in the social and international media that some blood pressure medications (ARB and ACE inhibitors) cause or exacerbate Covid infection have caused many patients to quit drug use and have caused serious problems. However, subsequent publications on this subject revealed that there was no strong enough evidence to support the established hypotheses and that the drug should not be discontinued. The Turkish Society of Cardiology recommends that all patients who have been started with any ACE inhibitor, ARB, continue their medication.

3-Heart failure

Like all other infections, Covid-19 infection has the potential to worsen the picture of heart failure. Flu and pneumonia vaccines should be recommended for all patients with heart failure. These vaccines are important in preventing secondary infections that may occur. Drugs commonly used for treatment and prevention may have cardiac side effects. For this reason, it is important that patients diagnosed with heart failure do not use it without consulting a cardiologist.

4-Venous thromboembolism (clot formation in the main veins and lungs)

Covid -19 infection can progress with inflammation in the vessels, damage to the vessel surface and a tendency to clot. Inactivity also increases the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Venous thromboembolism can cause vital problems when clots that may form in deep veins go to the lung veins.

5-Coronary heart disease

A patient with Covid-19 may develop a heart attack on the basis of a pre-existing coronary vascular disease, as well as conditions called "acute coronary syndrome", which can be in the form of chest pain or heart attack due to the effects of the infection in the coronary vascular system. In any case, patients with chest pain should not avoid consulting a doctor.

Heart problems can be life-threatening if neglected. It is a very wrong attitude not to apply to the hospital with the concern of Covid 19 and to wait for the complaints to pass at home. It should be known that all measures are taken for the health and safety of patients in hospitals. It is very important not to disrupt the heart controls during this period.

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