TCDD Delegation on Tanzania Railways

tcdd delegation in tanzania railways
tcdd delegation in tanzania railways

He made a technical visit to Tanzania Railways in his history with the delegation headed by TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş.

A meeting was held with the participation of the TCDD delegation and the TRC delegation headed by the General Manager of Tanzania Railways Organization (TRC) Masanja K. Kadogosa.

In the meeting, TRC General Manager Kadogosa; Stating that they are very satisfied with the contributions of Turkish contracting companies in the projects carried out throughout the country, he stated that they want to benefit even more from the experience of the Turkish railway sector over a century. He emphasized that the wide-ranging trainings previously provided by TCDD to 202 Tanzanian railroaders on railway infrastructure and superstructure contributed greatly to the positive development of the experience and competence of the Tanzania Railway Corporation.

During the meeting, potential areas of cooperation, experience sharing, training and consultancy issues in the field of railways between the two railway organizations were discussed, and information was given on the ongoing and planned projects in Tanzania.

TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş and his entourage made a technical visit to the IIala Project Site and Darüsselam-Morogoro SGR Line.

Tanzania's first 1.435 rail span, electrical and Signal (ERTMS Level-2) line feature, and the construction of the line, consisting of 202 km between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro and 336 km between Morogoro and Makutupora, is made by the Turkish Contracting company. . The first part of the line under construction is planned to be put into operation in 538. Business opening in the process of commissioning testing and commissioning, operation and operations, maintenance, training, mentoring / supervision issues in the Republic of Turkey State Railways will provide support to the Tanzania Railway Corporation.

TCDD Deputy Director General and the accompanying text Akbas also carried out a visit to Turkey's Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Ambassador held a meeting with Deputy Secretary of Honor Release 2.

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