Republic of Turkey 97 years old!

97-year-old Republic of Turkey
97-year-old Republic of Turkey

The doors of a new era were opened 97 years ago in the history of the Turkish nation, and with the proclamation of the Republic, the statement “Sovereignty belongs to the nation without any condition and condition” took its place in the state administration in the most prominent form.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, at a dinner in Çankaya Palace, where his comrades in arms and members of parliament were present, on October 28, 1923, declared that the empire would be passed from the empire to the 'sovereignty unconditionally the nation' with the promise, "Gentlemen, we will declare the republic tomorrow." A day later, on Monday, October 29, the Republic was established, as he said the day before. Atatürk was elected the country's first president.

100 piles of cannonballs were fired from Ankara Castle. The people who were tired and hurt while winning the Independence Struggle and who were tired while winning the Independence Struggle, which Atatürk called as "My greatest work", celebrated on the street.

'Republic' meant independence in the lands that Western countries coveted during the War of Independence; The right to vote meant transition from the servitude of the sultan to "citizenship".

The Republic, which was founded after the struggle of Hasan Tahsin, Sütçü İmam, Halide Corporal, Yörük Ali and many heroes of the Independence War, whose names do not fit into these lines, under the leadership of Atatürk and his comrades in arms, is now 97 years old.

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