Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Recruit 40 Civil Servants

Professional Officials are diplomatic career officers who assume duties, powers and responsibilities in the creation and execution of Turkish foreign policy and perform representation duties abroad, within the framework of Presidential Decree No. 1 on the Presidential Organization. Detailed information about the Occupational Officer It is possible to access from the web page with the address.

According to the final success ranking in the entrance exam to be opened, the maximum number of staff that can be appointed with the title of Candidate Professional Officer is 40. The appointments of those who have passed the entrance exam can be made to the staff of 7 to 9 degrees from the general administrative services class, taking into account the acquired salary grades, if any.

The entrance exam consists of written and oral stages. The written stage of the exam will be held on 21-22 November 2020 in Ankara.

Entry exam applications will start on Monday, October 26, 2020 and end at 6:2020 on Friday, November 18, 00. Applications will be made electronically through the e-Government Gateway.

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