250 Million Lira New Factory Investment from Nestle to Bursa

250 Million Lira New Factory Investment from Nestle to Bursa
250 Million Lira New Factory Investment from Nestle to Bursa

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, the world Nestle of the leading food companies in Bursa stating that laid the foundation of Turkey's first medical nutrition factory, "this factory 250 million pounds will be established with the new investment will provide direct and indirect 400 people employed. It will start production in August 2021. When production starts, 63 percent of our imports of medical nutrition products will be affordable. " said.

The world's leading nutrition, health and well-being company from Nestle, has achieved a first in Turkey as a global investor. Swiss-based company, Nestle Health Science has laid the foundations of Turkey's first Medical Nutrition Plant under the roof. indicating that Nestle's 114 years Varank operating in Turkey, said in his speech:


Nestle; It is laying the foundation of the first medical nutrition factory in Bursa, Turkey. This facility will be Nestle's biggest investment in our country since 2011. This factory, to be established with a new investment of 250 million lira, will provide direct and indirect employment for 400 people. The firm has a similar investment in China. They are establishing such a factory in Bursa for the first time after China, taking into account the potential of our country.


This factory, where the most advanced automation techniques and the latest technologies will be used, will start production in August 2021. When production begins, 63 percent of our imports of medical nutrition products will be affordable. With this investment, a major indigenization move in the field of medical nutrition has been implemented.


nutritional products sold in pharmacies and prescribed by our doctors will no longer be produced in Turkey. These products; It offers solutions to different health problems from pediatric allergies in children to malnutrition problems in the elderly. Medical products required for a healthy diet for some patients; Thanks to this factory, it will now be produced in our country.


In the industry, electricity consumption, orders, capacity utilization rates, production and exports are throwing. Similarly, we observe a serious increase in demand in fixed investments. In the first 9 months, we issued an incentive certificate for an investment of over 142 billion lira. When these investments are completed, more than 220 thousand citizens will have new job opportunities. The factory that we will lay the foundations of is just one of the investments that benefit from these incentives. A well-established global brand, demonstrates the confidence in Turkey, will lay the foundation for the fifth factory in our country.


Turkish industry proved itself in the pandemic. It showed its strength with its capacity to respond to emergencies. It proved how it can produce innovative solutions in difficult times. We do not discriminate between domestic and foreign in our policies. In the coming months; We will have important breakthroughs to get more shares from global value chains and to attract foreign investments to our country more strongly.


Together with the Presidency Investment Office, we are preparing our country's Foreign Direct Investment Strategy. Capturing the spirit of the new era; We will hopefully move forward with a result and impact oriented strategy. Bursa will be one of our most important companions at this point.


Turkey's first organized in 1960 in this land where he was born of industry, there are now over 17 osb'miz and 192 thousand citizens working here. In the last 8 years, we have provided incentives for private sector investments of over 57 billion liras in Bursa, and we have created more than 60 thousand additional employment with these investments alone. Bursa has always been in the top 5 in the investment incentives we provide. Bursa; it will continue to be one of the favorite cities of our country in industry and technology.


Nestlé Turkey CEO Ansgar Bornemann, in his speech at a ceremony attended by video conference, "carrying 100 percent of oral medical nutrition products of our production to this land, a large part of the delivered product from the already abroad will be produced locally. However, after the start of the operations of our factory, we will lead the export of the products produced in these lands to all over the world and assume an important role in the development of the country's economy. used the expressions.


Nestle Health Science Turkey General Manager and Board Member Hanzade Summer, "in the production of medical nutrition products with our newly opened factory in program direction will lead to the start of a new era, we will transfer our country all the technological know-how related. In the factory, which is planned to be operational in August 2021, 29 of the company's oral medical nutrition products will be produced. " he spoke.

The ceremony was attended by Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, AK Party Bursa Deputies Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Efkan Ala, Ahmet Kılıç, Refik Özen, Osman Mesten, Mustafa Esgin, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman, Karacabey District Governor Tahsin Kurtbeyoğlu, Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan also attended.

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