Tourism Train Routes Will Expand With The Karaelmas Express

Tourism Train Routes Will Expand With The Karaelmas Express
Tourism Train Routes Will Expand With The Karaelmas Express

📩 27/10/2020 12:04

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will be launched by the Ankara-Zonguldak Black Diamond Express line Karabük journey across the capital with time.

Minister Ersoy made a statement to the press members accompanying him in Kalecik district of Ankara, which is the first stop, on the journey to Çankırı and Karabük with the Karaelmas Express departing from Ankara Station.

Minister Ersoy said that the Eastern Express Train was very successful and that they decided to increase the number of such tourism trips with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Stating that they are trying to create at least 5 tourism trains such as the Eastern Express, Minister Ersoy stated that they are also working on the Van Express.

Minister Ersoy said, “We are carrying out this train journey to revive the previously active Karaelmas line. Our aim is to prepare a full train route to Kalecik, Çankırı, Çerkeş, Eskipazar, Karabük-Safranbolu and Zonguldak after leaving Ankara by preparing for the post-pandemic with its contents. In this context, we are making this trip. The places we visit have cultural places and gastronomy privileges. We will connect the route with its nature. Like the Eastern Express, we have started a study to appeal to both domestic tourism and foreign tourists. " used the expression.

Minister Ersoy stated that they appointed experts of each city under the roof of Tourism Tourism Promotion and Development Agency and promoted these cities on the GoTurkey website, organizing each city within itself, strengthening the content and promoting the promotion at the international level with the data collected on their tourism potential and what should be highlighted. stressed that they will do.

Minister Ersoy said: “We are creating different routes. One of them is the train journeys route. The trials in Eastern Anatolia were very successful. By connecting Ankara, we want to spread tourism train routes to many points, as in the Eastern Express. Our goal is to create 5 routes. These routes have their advantages. You stop for a short time on routes, in some provinces. You get to know those places for a short time. When you take the next travel point, you can make it larger, only for visits to that destination. It makes the pictures on the social media you put there noticeable. Our goal is to spread tourism to 81 provinces. We want to create awareness of the tourism potential that everyone has, and ensure that everyone gets a share of the tourism cake. "

Kalecik, the first stop of the route

Mayor of Kalecik Duhan Kalkan welcomed Minister Ersoy in Kalecik, the first stop of the journey made with the Black Diamond Express.

Speaking at the ceremony held for the opening of the Kalecik District Public Library and the Cultural Center, the first stage of which was completed by the municipality, Minister Ersoy said that the whole world has gone through a difficult process, experienced many changes due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, and that they will overcome this period in the near future by following the rules meticulously.

Ministers Ersoy, Culture and Tourism Ministry as a measure of the maximum level in the detention of, on the one hand the new normal that they continue to produce the best possible service to Turkey and ring the library they inaugurated as this will stressed that a result.

"Today, in 57, including 1264 mobile libraries with our reading habits to increase anywhere in Turkey, and we are working continuously to strengthen in order to make knowledge accessible to all our people." Minister Ersoy stated that they designed libraries as living spaces where one can spend time with information, by removing them from reading centers.

Minister Ersoy said: “We decided to move our Kalecik District Public Library to this new venue with a usage area of ​​340 square meters due to the fact that the building where it used to be was inadequate for service. With the completion of the repair and furnishing work, we open the doors of our library, which has 16 thousand 697 books. I hope it will be beneficial and serve all Kalecik people properly on healthy days. I am pleased to see that our municipality has put the first phase of the cultural center into service today. We are happy to have salt in the soup with the technical support provided by our General Directorate of Cinema to the cinema hall of this center. I congratulate our municipality for bringing such a work to Kalecik. I hope it will add beautiful colors to Kalecik's social life. "

Examination of Historical and Touristic Places of Çankırı

Minister Ersoy went to Çankırı with the Karaelmas Express after the Kalecik program. Minister Ersoy, who visited the Salt Cave, which is located in the village of Balıbağı in Çankırı and is thought to have been operated for the first time during the Hittite period, received information from the authorities about the studies and tourism projects.

Minister Ersoy, who moved from Çankırı to Çerkeş district, visited the historical places of Çerkeş, Işıklar Mansion, the 4th Murat Mosque, and the Sultan Murad Bath.

Minister Ersoy, who visited the Işıklar Mansion, which was built in the 1800s and aimed to be brought into tourism with the restoration works, after the examinations, asked the Mayor of Çerkeş, Hasan Sopacı, about the situation of the Sultan Murad Bath, which was built by the Sultan Murad the 4th during the Baghdad Campaign in 1638. received information.

Minister Ersoy attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Çerkeş Cultural Center after his visit to the Piri Sani Mustafa Çerkeşi Tomb in the 4th Murad Mosque.

Eskipazar Examination in Hadrianaupolis Ancient City

Minister Ersoy, who moved from Çerkeş to Eskipazar district of Karabük, made examinations in Hadrianaupolis Ancient City, which was used as a settlement in the late Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine periods and called as "Zeugma of the Black Sea".

Minister Ersoy, in the ancient city, which has one of the richest mosaic collections of the Western Black Sea, where the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been conducting excavations for 12 months, Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel and Karabük University (KBU) Archeology Department Dr. He received information from Faculty Member Ersin Çelikbaş.

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