Kovid-19 Inspection for Food Businesses

Kovid-19 Inspection for Food Businesses
Kovid-19 Inspection for Food Businesses

Inspection teams affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry carried out inspections for food establishments in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep within the scope of new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures.

During the inspections in Istanbul, which was also attended by Istanbul Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Ahmet Yavuz Karaca, the teams made examinations in the kitchen, cabinet and storage areas of the enterprises. It was checked whether Kodiv-19 precautions were followed in customer service areas.

Stating that inspections are continuing with 39 different teams in 800 districts of Istanbul, Karaca said, “We carry out our inspections on a 7/24 basis. However, if our citizens inform us when they see a deficiency or trouble in the enterprises, we will do our best to remedy them. Our citizens should report businesses that they see troubled in terms of hygiene and Kovid-19 to 'Alo Gıda 174' or Whatsapp notification line 0 501 174 0 174. " said.

During the inspections, a business that had deficiencies in terms of hygiene, storage and proper food use was given 15 days to correct its deficiencies, and an administrative fine was imposed on a restaurant for not finding the kitchen part suitable for preparing food.

70 Thousand Inspections Conducted in Ankara as of the End of September

In Ankara, within the scope of Kovid-19 measures, inspections were carried out in markets and cafes. During the inspections, the enterprises in question were examined in terms of hygiene conditions, employees' clothes and compliance with the legislation, samples were taken from dairy products.

Ankara Agriculture and Forestry Manager Bülent Korkmaz said in a statement that food inspections continue 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.

Korkmaz stated that inspections continue in every place where citizens visit within the scope of the measures taken by businesses and food safety during the Kovid-19 epidemic process, and noted that administrative fines are imposed on businesses due to hygiene-related deficiencies.

Informing that 70 thousand inspections were carried out throughout Ankara this year as of the end of September, Korkmaz said, “During these inspections, samples were taken from 2 thousand 500 products and negativities were detected in 208 products. Food businesses in Ankara were fined 5 million Turkish lira this year, both because the products were negative and the businesses did not comply with the minimum hygiene and cleaning conditions. " said.

About 65 Thousand Food Inspections During the Coronavirus Process in İzmir

During the inspections in İzmir with the participation of İzmir Agriculture and Forestry Manager Mustafa Özen Karşıyaka It was checked whether the obligation to use social distancing, hygiene and masks in food establishments such as cafeterias and restaurants in the Bostanlı District of the district.

Emphasizing that inspections are carried out continuously throughout the city, Özen said, “We have approximately 45 thousand enterprises in our province. We frequently conduct both food-related audits and Kovid-19-related audits in all of these businesses. Since the first day of the coronavirus process, we have conducted approximately 65 thousand food inspections. Today, we are working within this scope ”.

19 businesses that are not sensitive to Kovid-55 measures have been shut down in Gaziantep

In Gaziantep, 100 teams of two, consisting of the personnel of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, carried out inspections in food enterprises such as bakeries, restaurants and cafes in the city within the framework of Kovid-19 measures.

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Mehmet Karayılan stated in his statement that the teams continue to inspect businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias and said, “Since March, 35 thousand 600 enterprises have been inspected in total. 4 by 617 thousand a day audit in the city Within this context, we broke the record in Turkey, "he said.

Karayılan pointed out that the balance between the producer and the consumer should be maintained and said: “In Gaziantep, we closed 19 businesses that did not comply with hygiene rules, did not renew themselves, and were not sensitive to Kovid-55 measures during the epidemic regarding pita bakeries and restaurants. We will continue to close it after that. Until now, more than 2,5 million lira penalty has been applied. Our aim and goal is to raise awareness in enterprises by providing information with inspections rather than penalties, and to make presentations of our tradesmen in a healthy, high quality and hygienic manner. Our healthcare professionals are making serious efforts during the epidemic process. We also need to support them. "

Karayılan stated that the teams in the city continue 3-hour inspections in 24 shifts and asked the citizens to contact them at the ALO 174 Food Line regarding the negativity or illegal situations in the enterprises.

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