EGİAD Business World Ataturk and Republic Spoke

EGİAD Business World Ataturk and Republic Spoke
EGİAD Business World Ataturk and Republic Spoke

Historian and Author Prof. Dr. Hosted by Ergün Aybars EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association organized a webinar on “Atatürk and the Republic”. Online Republic Day events that could not be held under physical conditions due to the pandemic EGİADtalked to a large number of business world representatives about the Republic and Atatürk in a digital environment.

EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association, within the scope of the 29th anniversary of October 97 Republic Day, was the guest speaker Prof. Dr. Organized a talk on 'Atatürk and the Republic' with the participation of Ergün Aybars. Having received the 2015 Yunus Nadi Social Sciences and Research Award for his book of Independence Courts, he served as the Head of Ege University Atatürk's Principles Department, Head of the History Department, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Letters, Dokuz Eylül University Atatürk Principles and History of Revolution Institute. Prof. Dr. Ergün Aybars came together with young business people.

Stronger Democracy, Stronger Rule of Law and Higher Development

EGİAD In his opening speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, stated that as young business people who are aware of the achievements of the Contemporary Republic, they feel a stronger responsibility with each passing day, “The values ​​gained with the Republic are the cornerstones of our future, our independence and free thought. We remember once again with gratitude Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends, who showed the society the goal of modern civilization and prepared the foundation of a state and social structure towards this goal. The establishment of the Republic of Turkey, it is never removed until today and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk imposed by contemporary emergence main target on the civilization level, but a state of contemporary civilization standard and society should never be forgotten can be realized with the structure. which will carry forward the achievements of the Republic of Turkey, stronger democracy, a more robust understanding of the rule of law and a higher growth rate. In this context, it is of great importance to strengthen our Republic and our democracy day by day and to establish uncompromising compliance with the rule of law. reforms will take over the Turkey of the level of contemporary civilization urgently implement, as well as to improve the welfare of our country as well as political and social problems are among the most important issues that we will come close to the country to solve the constructive dialogue and social consensus approach, "he said.

Stating that the education system is one of the basic building blocks of the Republic, Aslan said, "An education system that provides qualified education to new generations, and gives universal democratic values, innovative, analytical and critical thinking skills, should be one of the most important issues we will focus on in this process."

EGİADNoting that 's firmly adheres to Republic values EGİAD President Aslan said, “As we always emphasize, non-governmental organizations are one of the important actors of social development, democratization and economic development. In doing so, it draws its strength from the synergy created by its members and their intellectual accumulation. EGİAD It is a non-governmental organization that has been living and spreading this synergy in the strongest way for 30 years ”.

There is a lot to learn from Atatürk

Speaker Historian and Author Prof. Dr. Ergün Aybars said that Atatürk was the leader who fought the greatest struggle against imperialism. Referring to the importance of Ataturk founded the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. “Mustafa Kemal is known as the greatest leader who won the war of independence against imperialism,” Aybars said. Prof. Dr. Aybars continued his words as follows: "Even the Turkish nation and the savior of the Republic of Turkey alone Ataturk, the founder of the great human achievements and numerous services in one universal size, it could provide a very honorable place in history. Atatürk is a great soldier with his success in wars as well as a great state founder; He is a universal leader with the values ​​of soundness, truthfulness, realism in his views, reliability in international relations, determination, peace and love of people. He is the leader who established a fully independent Turkish state by defeating imperialism, and who started and succeeded the war in bringing this state to the level of modern civilization, not only the Turkish nation but the whole world has a lot to learn from Atatürk ”.

Prof. Dr. Ergün Aybars, in his speech underlining that Atatürk is a leader who changed the world history, said, “1. The first battle of World War 18 is the Battle of Çanakkale on March 1. The prolongation of the Dardanelles War also extended the duration of the First World War. This is why the victors of World War I left with injuries at least, so fascism and empires fell into history. Atatürk has inspired many countries and revolutionaries against imperialism with his success in the War of Independence and in the revolutions. In addition, the big projects of Armenia and Greece did not achieve their goals with the victory of the War of Independence, ”he said. Aybars continued his words as follows: “Atatürk was a leader who understood the western civilization very well. However, he understood that by establishing the Turkish state, enlightenment would be achieved. In order to establish the ideal Turkish revolution, he realized the revolution from the path opened by the French revolution, only taking into account the conjuncture and conditions of that day. " Stating that Atatürk led the War of Independence with a revolutionary spirit and used the Independence Courts for this, Aybars stated that the allegations that 'there were those who were hanged because they did not wear hats' in the Independence Courts were absolutely unfounded, and said, '' peace world peace, 'said the mention of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's revolution and never compromising on the work of the Republic of Turkey, we see that at the slightest attack can be very hard, "he said. The famous historian, who explained that Atatürk was a leader with high vision, with experienced examples, at the end of his speech EGİAD answered the questions of its members.

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