The Face of MEŞOT Tradesmen With Debts Structured Laughs

The Face of MEŞOT Tradesmen With Debts Structured Laughs
The Face of MEŞOT Tradesmen With Debts Structured Laughs

📩 11/10/2020 12:58

In the October ordinary meeting of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council, the situation of the tradesmen and operators operating at the Mersin Intercity Bus Terminal (MEŞOT) and unable to pay their 3-year rent debts was discussed. The article on non-charging interest and attorney fees from tenants in terms of non-performing debts, structuring and installment of other debts accrued with the aforementioned debt was also discussed and restructuring was made for the retrospective lease debts of the bus station tradesmen in the Parliament.

Attorney fee abolished, installments up to 15 months were made

The number of installments was increased to 15 months in line with the decision taken in the Parliament. Bus station tradesmen will be able to pay their debts with a 35.7 percent discount in cash or with a maturity of up to 15 months, without paying the attorney's fee and collection fees, regarding retrospective lease debts. With the decision taken, the burden on the shoulders of the tradesmen will be lifted.

MEŞOD Chairman Ürkmez: "6,5 years of chaos has ended"

Kerim Ürkmez, the President of Mersin Intercity Bus and Registry Authorities, stated that MEŞOT tradesmen will take a sigh of relief due to the decision taken in the Parliament and said, “The chaos that has lasted for 6-6,5 years has ended thanks to Mr. Vahap Mayor and Metropolitan Municipality Council members. In the presence of all the tradesmen and the people of Mersin, we would like to thank our President Vahap Bey, they helped us a lot, thanks for their presence. We will be behind them in every way ”he said.

"Vahap President did not miss the solution options"

meşot operators in the Caspian Ramadan, "You know, before President Hemant bus station in Mersin problems and even had the news agenda in Turkey. Vahap President did not miss the solution options before us. He did his best to help. Someone who knows better than anyone else in Mersin what the trade and the tradesmen are in. As promised to us during the pandemic process, he did not receive 3 months of rent. He took a serious hand in keeping his promise even before the elections. Based on his past debts, he deleted the interests and attorney fees, which would be a great burden on the neck and back of the tradesmen, with the decision of the Parliament and divided them again in 15-month installments. We are grateful to him on behalf of the tradesman. We want him to help his city by taking all matters into his hand, thank you ”he said.

"He revived us with his last gesture"

Operator Abdürrahim Ürkmez reminded that the rents were not collected for 3 months with the decision of President Vahap Seçer due to the halt of work during the pandemic process, and expressed his satisfaction with the decision of the Assembly. Ürkmez said, “We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer for their great help in this process. It has been very helpful to us from day one. He revived us with his last gesture. I would like to thank all tradesmen and myself. It will provide us a great convenience ”.

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