Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan Will Attract Tourists with Investments

Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan will attract tourists with investments
Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan will attract tourists with investments

📩 31/10/2020 12:49

Ardahan Governor Hüseyin Öner participated in the opening program of Yalnızçam Hotel and Restaurant, which was hired to a private enterprise by the Special Provincial Administration.

Governor Öner, who opened the hotel and restaurant with the accompanying them, stated that Yalnızçam Ski Center is a promising tourism center and said:

“In today's world, tourism has become an important sector like industry, as much as basic economic sectors like agriculture. He began seriously to take place after the 1980s in Turkey's tourism sector. 5 million tourists came to Turkey in those years. When it comes to today's average of 40 million tourists a year coming to Turkey and we get about 35 billion dollars in tourism revenue. This is never a figure to be underestimated. In the 2023 targets of our government under the chairmanship of our President, 50 million tourists and 50 billion dollars in tourism income are targeted. Therefore, as Ardahan, we want to take our part from this share. The most important factor in tourism is quality facility and quality service. In this sense, we, as a state, do our best in Ardahan. The fact that Yalnızçam Hotel, which was built by the Special Provincial Administration of our Governorship and started to serve in 2015, will be operated by the private sector from now on, will contribute to the tourism of the region. Investors who see the potential here will want to build new projects and facilities for tourism.

Dear guests, Yalnızçam Ski Resort has been declared a tourism area with the decision of the Council of Ministers and is of great importance in terms of summer and winter tourism. We believe that the 73-bed-capacity Yalnızçam Tourist Hotel, which we rented to the private sector today, will revive rural tourism in Ardahan. This place will develop further with the arrival of private investors as well as state investments. In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, our city will also develop in the field of tourism and tourism activities will play an important role in the growth of the province in a few years.

Dear guests, There is no obstacle for the Yalnızçam Ski Center, built on 2750 meters high Uğurludağ, not to be the shining star of winter tourism with its touristic hotel, crystal snow, state-of-the-art ski lift line and tracks in Scotch pine forests. Turkey, which has one of the most modern ski lifts in line Yalnızçam Ski Center, 3 kilometers in length, made with the latest technology, which is wind-proof booths closed system Leitner has a modern ski lift line. This chairlift line has a carrying capacity of 800 people per hour. Apart from this, there are 1.5 teleski (t-bar) lines, one of which is 600 kilometers and one is 2 meters long. The Yalnızçam Ski Center, which serves professional and amateur ski lovers, has a total of 10 tracks with slopes varying between 25 and 6 percent, M1 track: 650 meters, M2 track: 3.300 meters, M3 track: 1.450 meters, M4 track: 2.450 meters, M5 runway: 1.370 meters, and the M6 ​​runway has a length of 280 meters.

Dear participants, I would like to point out that Yalnızçam Ski Center, which is very important for us in winter tourism, has a promising future. Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism also announces the parcels here at various times to build facilities for tourism. This place is now ready for investors. Not only winter tourism, but also culture and nature tourism, plateau tourism has a very important potential for our city. Thousands of people attend the festivals held in the highlands every year and have a good time. We have an amazing nature. We will uphold, protect and establish together with these values. I wish the Yalnızçam Hotel, which will be operated by private investors, to contribute positively to the tourism of our city and congratulate our investors. Best wishes."

After the opening, Governor Öner and his entourage toured the hotel and restaurant.

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