YOTEL Comfort on Land and Air Side at Istanbul Airport

YOTEL Comfort on Land and Air Side at Istanbul Airport
YOTEL Comfort on Land and Air Side at Istanbul Airport

Located on the land and air sides of Istanbul Airport, one of the largest transit centers in the world, YOTEL and YOTELAIR offer a safe accommodation experience in a pandemic environment thanks to the precautions they take while trying to keep the quality of life at the highest level with the concept of "SmartStay".

Offering an original accommodation experience with a minimal design approach by preserving the social and daily life quality of travelers at Istanbul Airport, YOTEL focuses on comfort, safety and hygiene with its "SmartStay" concept. Starting from the check-in area called "Mission Control" point, YOTEL takes measures within the framework of the new standards it has brought to ensure the safety of both guests and employees with the "SmartStay" concept applied in all areas of use, and provides regular trainings to its employees.

Bora Göymen, General Manager of YOTEL Istanbul Airport, said the following about the services offered at YOTEL. “In today's travel concept, the definition of luxury service is equivalent to maintaining our daily routine and social life quality and ensuring the continuity of our digital access comfortably and without interruption. We have reflected this understanding to the eco system of YOTEL, which has a modern theme and unique designs that focus on passenger needs. We aimed to ensure that YOTEL cabins, recreation, meeting and social areas have functional, dynamic and enjoyable atmospheres with high technology, thus ensuring the highest level of life quality during travel. "

Emphasizing that the health of guests and employees is very important, Göymen also gave detailed information about the measures taken during the pandemic period. “All our common areas, including our eating and drinking areas, meeting rooms and the work areas of our teammates, have been rearranged in accordance with social distance rules. All areas in our hotel, especially the intensive contact points (etc.) such as door handles, buttons, are routinely and thoroughly disinfected. Products such as bath and hand towels used in our guest rooms are offered in a personalized bag. We inform our guests in detail during their check-in regarding all the precautions taken. "

"Safe Tourism Certificate" rules are applied

YOTEL Istanbul Airport and YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport perform all these services in accordance with the "Safe Tourism Certificate" rules put into effect by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. While regular hygiene studies are carried out in accordance with these rules in all areas and cabins, Komyuniti Restaurant offers a comfortable option with its comfort, food and service quality for everyone waiting at the airport, and a distance seating arrangement is applied in other public areas.

YOTEL Comfort on Land and Air Side at Istanbul Airport

YOTEL Istanbul Airport, located right across the entrance gate number 7 of the main terminal of Istanbul Airport, provides easy access on the land side just before the security and passport control. YOTEL Istanbul Airport, which has a modern, stylish and minimal room concept with a cabin look; It hosts Komyuniti Restaurant with its menu consisting of the fusion of traditional Turkish cuisine and international flavors. In addition, it creates an inviting alternative in line with the needs at the airport with its GYM area and meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 90 people.

For those with early or delayed flights, YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, located just a few minutes away from the plane departure gate, welcomes those who want to rest, sleep efficiently or just refresh. Located close to the shopping points in the duty free area, YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport offers visitors a safe, fun and comfortable "break" opportunity to spend a day or just a few hours, if desired. Those who only need refreshing instead of accommodation can benefit from the "YOTELAIR Lounge", which is the food and socialization area of ​​YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, and the 7 "rain showers" here.

Putting the needs of passengers at the center, YOTEL welcomes its guests in cabin-like rooms with a modern design. YOTEL Istanbul Airport serves in premium cabins and first class suites with a total of 277 rooms in two separate units, 174 rooms on the land side and 451 rooms on the air side of YOTELAIR Istanbul. SmartBed ™ beds are ideal for efficient sleep in rooms with minimal design, each of which is regularly provided with hygiene conditions within the scope of "SmartStay" standards and accompanied by white and fun purple lights. The feature of adjusting the special posture of the bed to create larger spaces when needed in the cabins, charging units that ensure the continuity of digital access and a strong internet infrastructure, laptop positioning units meet the needs of the guests at the highest level.


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