The Strategic Importance of the Iron Silk Road Discussed at the Turkish Railway Summit

The Strategic Importance of the Iron Silk Road Discussed at the Turkish Railway Summit
The Strategic Importance of the Iron Silk Road Discussed at the Turkish Railway Summit

The Turkish Railway Summit, organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on October 21-24, continues. On the third day of the summit, where railway leaders spoke, at the panel on '' Iron Silk Road: One Belt, One Road '', Kamuran Yazıcı, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, and Onur Göçmez, Arkas Logistics CEO, Fuat Pamukçu, Vice President of DFDS Shipping and Transport and the Board of Directors of Pacific Eurasia Member Murat Karatekin made a speech.

In the panel where the strategic importance, past and future of the Iron Silk Road were discussed, General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı stated that “Modern Silk Road, which forms a corridor between Europe and Asia, has developed the intermodal transportation network between East and West, and that the Trans-Caspian Transport Route Association He stated that the establishment of the project enabled the creation of new multimodal transportation and transportation centers in Eurasia and they saw it as a project that provides mutual interest.

“On the BTK railway line, logistics activities are carried out for many product groups ranging from food, agricultural products, cleaning materials, mineral ore, industrial products, textiles, automotive parts, chemical products and electronic materials in 5 different corridors. ''

Stating that Turkey is a transit rail logistics operations through the printer successfully maintained he did not neglect to refer to the operations.

While talking about their future plans, General Manager Yazıcı said that they are planning to shift 30 percent of the rail freight transportation to Europe via China-Russia to the Middle Corridor.

Printer: '' China stated that North corridor Russia - Belarus 5 years over 500 thousand line train carriage made in the first place a thousand years, is then transported via Turkey began to be projected while 500 thousand time. In this way, our country will be able to generate a significant amount of income from transit railway transportation. ''

Kamuran Yazıcı, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, continued his words as follows: “On the other hand, every development and every improvement in the railway sector in our country reflects positively on the Middle Corridor. Infrastructure and operations as a result of improvements to be made in a month's time with the load-carrying railway between China and Turkey 10 days to 15 days to fall in Europe's most extreme point is concerned. ''

In his speech, Yazıcı said in his speech that he touched on the nationalization of the railway sector: “The use of domestic production platform wagons in container shipments to Europe and Central Asia via BTK line enables easier transportation of more loads. While normal platform wagons can carry loads between two and four and a half times their weight, our domestic production platform wagons can carry loads up to four and a half times, in other words 109 tons. The fact that these wagons, which are highly appreciated in Europe, are of domestic production makes us all proud. ''

Stating that the railways are working more actively during the pandemic period where every country is going through hard times, Yazıcı also expressed the changes made during the pandemic period. Yazıcı: “In this context, while every precaution was taken in order to make wagon crossings at the border without human contact, wagon disinfection system was installed at Kapıköy Station to disinfect the wagons passing through our country's border. Due to the pandemic, the transit passage of road vehicles to Iran was stopped and as a result of the possibility of the cargo shifting to the BTK line, a mobile crane was installed at our Georgia border station Canbaz to transfer the cargoes of the wagons of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries to the wagons belonging to our Organization. said.

At the end of the 1-hour panel, all speakers were presented with a steam train model representing the past of the railways in memory of the day.

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