The Most Powerful Hyundai i20 Begins To Show Itself

The Most Powerful Hyundai i20 Begins To Show Itself
The Most Powerful Hyundai i20 Begins To Show Itself

Introducing the N Line version of the i20 last week, Hyundai has now shared the first images of the i20 N, the fastest and most aggressive model in the series. Hyundai i20 N, the newest member of the hot hatch class, has been developed with the brand's experience in motor sports. The new model, which is based on the i20 WRC, which competes fiercely in the World Rally Championship, will offer a magnificent combination to its user by combining daily use with the excitement on the racetracks.

Like other Hyundai N models, the i20 N will feature a high-performance turbocharged engine and an aggressive body to support this power. In addition, the car, which the brand is preparing to develop and produce in the light of high technology, will be the third most powerful Hyundai model in Europe after the i30 N and i30 N Fastback. Another important criterion is the most powerful tool to have a car title produced in Turkey.

Developed under Hyundai's new design philosophy, "Sensuous Sportiness", that is "Emotional Sportiness", the i20 N has a strong and bold image as well as a modern identity. The front part is completely dominated by large air intakes, thus allowing the turbo engine to breathe more and at the same time to cool it comfortably. These air intakes also play an important role in cooling the brake system. The car, which draws attention with its side, just like the front, features 18-inch gray matte colored wheels and red brake calipers with the N logo.

The rear spoiler, which provides maximum grip and downforce in all road conditions, is one of the other performance parts of the car. In addition, the tradition of N models, which usually draws attention with their blue color, was continued in the i20 N. However, the i20 N also has a black roof color option. In addition to this combination, matte red plastic parts on the bumpers and sills highlight the brand's DNA in motorsports.

Another gift Hyundai gives to its fans who enjoy N models is the specially developed N Racing exhaust system. The i20 N, which has the characteristic Hyundai N exhaust tone, thus hits the users who like performance models from 12.

The technical details of the Hyundai i20 N, whose technical details will be announced in the coming days, will be produced in the brand's factory in Izmit and exported to more than 20 countries like other current i40 models.

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