The Hidden Paradise Abyssinian Canyon Becomes the Center of Trekking!

The Hidden Paradise Abyssinian Canyon Becomes the Center of Trekking!
The Hidden Paradise Abyssinian Canyon Becomes the Center of Trekking!

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin participated in the nature walk organized under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality in the Habeş Canyon, which impresses with its historical and natural beauty. Mayor Fatma Şahin, who made an assessment about the 8 thousand 650 meters long canyon, stated that work has started to introduce it to the world and said that they will strengthen areas such as mountaineering and trekking suitable for construction in the region.

Abyssinian Canyon in Araban District, which is described as an undiscovered hidden paradise and attracts attention with its natural structure and history, attracts the attention of mountaineering enthusiasts with its hiking and climbing possibilities. In this context, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who met with groups coming to the canyon to do nature walks on the historic Septimius Severus Bridge, sohbet participated in their travels. Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdoğan, Araban District Governor Abdülhamit Mutlu and Araban Mayor Hasan Doğru accompanied by Mayor Şahin, who made a statement on the 8 thousand 650 meters long walkway, and stated that the region will be introduced to the world. Şahin reminded that nature sports and caravan tourism is a rising value with the pandemic and gave the good news that works have been started to strengthen mountaineering as the Metropolitan Municipality in the rare beauty of the Abyssinian Canyon.


Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, who participated in the nature walk held in the Habeş Canyon, stated that they are in an area in Mesopotamia geographically and said, “We are together with the most beautiful works of the Roman Period and Hittite Period. In the Reconstruction Master Plan, Habeş Canyon appeared to us as the most historical place in the region. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we started to work on how to evaluate this and how to strengthen canyon tourism. Nature and naturalness are much more important. We are working to draw attention to this and to introduce this place to the whole world. There is an important area of ​​mountaineering here. We want to diversify this with "Gaziantep Rising With Its Sport". Behind us we have a large civil society, academic world, mountaineering clubs. Under the leadership of our governor, a significant contribution will be made to the economy of the region and the city by introducing this area to the whole world ”.


Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül explains that there are more than one walking alternatives in the Habeş Canyon, and there is a different beauty everywhere in Gaziantep. We wanted to show this place to nature lovers. He had very important works on determining the route of the metropolitan. Various trees will be planted in this area. This place has a few distinguishing features. First, the end of the road reaches Euphrates. Second, there are very important historical artifacts on the route. The third is unspoiled, intertwined with nature. Turkey will be an important place, "he said.


Stating that the region will come to light with activities such as nature walks and be brought into tourism, AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdoğan said, “Both the bridge in the back and the region where the canyon is located has a historical value. It has fertile soil and a large plain. The successor dam was built with the Habeş Canyon water. Thanks to this dam, 25 thousand decares of land was irrigated and groundwater was protected. Today, the Metropolitan Municipality brought us together here. This canyon is one of the few unknown canyons in our country. Rumkale is one of the ending points of this place. “The region is a true tourism paradise with monumental tombs and fortresses”.

Araban District Governor Abdülhamit Mutlu said that the historical graves in the district's Raban Castle, Hasanoğlu, Hisar and Elif regions will unearth the regions that will bring tourism to light.

Araban Mayor Hasan Doğru, on the other hand, emphasized that the Habeş Canyon is a new known area and that it came to light with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and the Governor of Gaziantep, and stated that their aim is to attract local and foreign nature lovers.


Habeş Canyon on the banks of the Euphrates River, known as the "Habeş Creek" by the locals, has a unique area with its historical architecture and unique nature. The 8 thousand 650 meters long Habeş Canyon, which flows through the Araban Plain from the Ardıl Stream in the Köklüce (Ardıl) Rural District of Araban District, and joins the Euphrates River, also offers an area suitable for mountaineering. There are scattered paths with a slope of 40 degrees along the canyon passage and accommodation areas for 2 to 3 tents. Right after the Roman Period Septimius Severus Bridge, which is among the crossing routes of various civilizations throughout history, the Abyssinian Canyon is divided into 4 sections. The first part, which starts with the starting point, is followed by the first turning point for those who do not have experience in nature walks, the turning point for those who do not have knowledge of materials and walking on excessively sloping terrain, and the finishing point for experienced participants. Due to the rise of the waters of the Birecik Dam, the water flowing through the canyon rises for 1-5 meters, and when you walk from the Hisar Rural District of the district to the tip of the Habeş Canyon where the Euphrates River joins, all the natural beauty of the canyon can be seen from the highest point. The deepest parts of the canyon are located here. While there are oak, melengiç, spiny oak and plane trees on the sides of the stream flowing through the canyon, visitors are also given the chance to swim in the deep parts of the water. The trail road offers the chance to cross the other side of the stream in various parts of the canyon. If the visitors extend their route a little while on the canyon tour, a tour can be made in the area where the Horse Cave was located in the past. The average walking distance of the visitor team is 6 kilometers and is accompanied by a guide.

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