Moon Viewing Day

Moon Viewing Day
Moon Viewing Day

The moon and stars that illuminate us in dark nights offer us a visual feast. It must be quite pleasant to sleep under this magnificent nature. However, you need a dark, cloudless environment to see objects in the sky completely. That Turkey's Travel Site October 20 Months special destinations from each other to adventurers who want to follow the Monitoring Day special dark sky.

Watching the sky in high places where there are few industrial light sources illuminating our modern world is one of the greatest passions of nature lovers. Being at the right time in the right place to watch this visual feast as a gift to mankind sky really rather you önemli.sırt bag and Turkey is ready to tent Travel Site in the world of private sky October 20 Month Monitoring Day from you watch the most beautiful and Turkey the best routes.

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert, one of the places where the world's best sky view can be seen with the naked eye, is home to hundreds of astronomy enthusiasts every year. The desert, which is easily accessible by car from Chile, usually has a transparent and clear sky. Red rocks and soils create the feeling of being on Mars.

National Sagamartha Park, Nepal

Home to the summit of the world Everest, Nepal's villages are also very dark. Especially Sagamartha National Park near Namche Bazaar on Mount Everest is one of the most special destinations where you can watch the sky.

Southwest National Park, Australia

Southwest National Park, where hundreds of people who want to see the natural dark sky camp, is one of the places preferred by amateur astronomers. The park is also ideal for night-time astronomy walks.

Kackar Mountains

Kaçkar Mountains, where the magnificent nature of the Eastern Black Sea can be observed in the best way, offers an eye-catching view. The stars can be watched in the simplest and cleanest form as there is no light pollution in the region, which is very suitable for watching the sky.

Gulluk Mountain National Park

Rising from the travertine plains of Antalya, Güllük Mountain, also known as Termessos, is home to the ruins of the city of Termesos, founded by the Solim, one of the indigenous peoples of Anatolia. In this unique beauty where hills, valleys and canyons take place, you can leave yourself to the unique view of the sky.

Kaz Mountains

Which is considered one of the most unique natural beauty of our country Kaz Mountains, one of Turkey's highest rate of oxygen. At the same time, you can listen to yourself in the Kaz Mountains, which is an ideal region for watching the sky, and you can travel to another universe under millions of stars.

What should you take with you when you go to watch the sky?

These points are places where windy and sudden weather changes are common. For this reason, be sure to dress thickly, keep your feet and neck warm. It is beneficial to have a good camera with you. And of course;

  • Make sure you pour a warm drink into a quality thermos.
  • Always keep a few flashlights and spare batteries with you.
  • If you decide to camp in a deserted area, don't forget to take a wireless phone among your supplies.
  • If you have the opportunity, you can also get yourself a telescope.


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