Armed Training Ship Al-Doha for the Qatar Navy Launched

Armed Training Ship Al-Doha for the Qatar Navy Launched
Armed Training Ship Al-Doha for the Qatar Navy Launched

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar attended the launching ceremony of the armed training ship Al-Doha, built by the Anatolian Shipyard for the Qatar Navy.

Minister Akar, who spoke at the ceremony attended by Qatar Defense Minister Halid Bin Muhammed El Atiyye, Defense Industry President İsmail Demir, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal, Deputy Minister of National Defense Muhsin Dere, said: He also touched on the operation he started for.

Minister Akar, who asked how long the institutions established to establish peace and stability in the world will remain in the dark and ignore the growing problems of the world, said:

“When will these organizations reflect security, stability and prosperity to the whole of humanity in accordance with the purpose of the establishment? When will they raise their voices in the face of Armenia's 30 years of persecution, occupation and ongoing murderous acts? That day is today. Instead of calling for a cease-fire for those who have not made a sound for the occupation of 30 percent of Azerbaijan's native lands for 20 years, it would be right and more just for the occupying Armenia to leave Karabakh. It would be appropriate for those who condone the murder of thousands of innocent people and the expulsion of millions of people from their homes and homes, not to mention children, women and old people, by barbarism in Khojaly, to stop pampering Armenia. Despite all the diplomatic efforts of Azerbaijan, the attitude of those who are silent against the Armenian invasion of Karabakh and the civilian massacres they carried out is unfortunately a complete hypocrisy. "


Stating that the "audacity and arrogance" of occupying Armenia to attack civilian settlements after Tovuz was the last straw, Minister Akar said, "Armenia martyred our life brothers, including innocent civilians and children, with its last attack."

Stating that Armenia has opened fire on areas where innocent civilians are still located, Minister Akar said:

“The attack he made with rockets and banned ammunition against the innocent civilian population in the city of Ganja also clearly shows the cruelty, barbarism and real face of Armenia. Armenia is committing a war crime. This should be known by everyone. In the face of this aggression, Azerbaijan has taken action to free its native lands from the Armenian occupation and to take back the rights and freedoms of its occupied people. Azerbaijan Armed Forces; it has the determination and determination to achieve victory on its own and to save its occupied territories. Each soldier of the Azerbaijani army is inspired by him as Mubariz Ibrahimov and is brave like him, hero like him. They will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives willingly for their homeland. Armenia should stop cooperating with terrorist organizations by abandoning lies and slanders, send these terrorists and mercenaries, and immediately withdraw from the occupied Azerbaijani lands. "


Stating that they do not have to endure to linger for another 30 years, Minister Akar said:

“The problem must be resolved now and immediately. Therefore, an opportunity has arisen for the mechanisms established to solve the problem to gain international prestige. We expect them to use it. As we always and everywhere proudly express, Azerbaijan's concern is our joy, our concern is our joy. In Turkey, we have two states, one nation "sorrow and pride in understanding the far side of our dear brother. From now on, we will continue to stand by Azerbaijan in its just cause, in the struggle to regain its own lands until the end.

Throughout its glorious history of thousands of years, our noble nation, which has managed to come out of all kinds of misfortunes with all its wisdom and did not hesitate for a moment to make the right decision in every difficulty, will also successfully come out of this struggle. Nobody should have doubts about this.

On this occasion, I wish mercy from Allah to our brothers who were martyred in the attacks, urgent healing to the wounded, and my condolences to the Azerbaijani people.


Describing Qatar as the shining star of the Gulf due to the independent policies it has followed in regional and global politics in recent years, Minister Akar stated that Qatar has made positive contributions to the peace and stability of the region and the Islamic world.

long-established between Turkey and Qatar, historical friendship and brotherhood ties to the striking Minister Akar, "Qatar to our relations in all areas was excellent and the sample is located in a level, both countries, one heart in a close cooperation in regional affairs and coordination, acting as a single punch . I want to stress once again underline the fact that our own security as to how we see Turkey, a friendly and brotherly country itself in the same way and we care about the safety of Qatar, "he said.

Stating that his sincere desires will ensure the security of his country and its people, as well as the existence of a much stronger Qatar army that will play an important role in ensuring peace, tranquility and stability in the region, Minister Akar considered the construction of armed training ships as an important step taken for this purpose.

Minister Akar expressed his belief that the deep-rooted friendship and brotherhood ties between the two countries, woven with the feelings of pacifism, will continue to grow stronger with these and similar projects, and congratulated the managers of Anadolu Shipyard who successfully completed this important project.

Turkey's human resources and mites, which emphasized the potential reminded that the world's top 100 firms in the defense industry this year, seven companies involved. Stating that they were not satisfied with this, Minister Akar said:

“We make the utmost effort to use our resources effectively, accurately and appropriately so that more companies can take part in the world market. As of today, our military factories and shipyards, foundation companies and private sector companies; meets 70 percent of our defense needs with its human resources and engineering know-how. We work day and night with determination and determination in order to increase this rate even higher until 2023. Our MİLGEM ships, Altay main battle tank, Storm artillery systems, ATAK attack helicopter, armed / unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles, Hürkuş starting and basic training aircraft, Gökbey general purpose helicopter and all kinds of ammunition we produce are the clearest indicators of our determination and determination in indigenousness and nationality. We all know that in addition to the sacrifice and heroism of our staff, these domestic and national technologies have an important role in the successful completion of our domestic and cross-border operations. I would like to underline here that the leadership, encouragement and support of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan creates a high motivation for us to reach these levels in the field of domestic and national defense industry. "


Stating that the region is going through a difficult period as a whole, Minister Akar said, “In such a sensitive process where our country is surrounded by crisis areas, the responsibility that our history and civilization has placed on our shoulders is enormous. As a part of this responsibility, we have never been blind, deaf and dumb in the face of developments in our region and the world, we have never ignored human tragedies, we will not ignore them ”.

Our President, Mr. Erdogan said, “Every corner of the world, with its east and west, north and south, needs security. The world needs peace of all people, no matter where they live. Reminding that the world needs a fair distribution of resources that are sufficient for everyone, Minister Akar said:

“With this understanding, we have endeavored to dominate human values, universal moral principles and international law. If we have not been indifferent to the cruelty and injustice suffered by the innocent and the oppressed, and the blood and tears that have flowed to this end, it is for this reason. At the point we have reached today all the world, having essentially the result of factors ignored the values ​​defended by Turkey. Starting from the United Nations, the current global order in Turkey to see this sincere effort, hoping to heed our warning, solution-oriented, we expect common sense to behave. For, history is the triumphal stage for people who are sound and sound. Deprived minds, deprived of thinking, are doomed to the blind darkness of gayya wells. "


Stating that nations that are not aware of the factors that form the basis of their existence cannot reach the future, Minister Akar stated that they are building the future of the country on domestic and national moves in every field, especially in the defense industry.

“For us, indigenous and nationality is of course belonging to this land, this tradition and civilization, taking root and embracing all of our historical and cultural acquis; Saying that this geography passes through breathing the breath of this climate ”, Minister Akar said that with this awareness, they return to their essence and nourish themselves from their own values.

“There is peace in calmness and regret in haste. Reminding of the Arab proverb, Minister Akar said, “We have fulfilled our historical responsibility for the prevalence of peace and stability in our region and the world by acting moderately and prudently, with the inspiration we draw from our national and moral values. We will continue to fulfill this responsibility in solidarity with countries ”.

Minister Hulusi Akar concluded his words to Qatari sailors with the words "Your seas are calm, your bow is clear, your way is clear".

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