Foundation of the Forum Interchange

Foundation of the Forum Interchange
Foundation of the Forum Interchange

The foundations of the Forum Interchange, which Mersin Metropolitan Municipality plans to implement within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan, is being laid. When the project, which Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news last week, is completed, the traffic in Mersin will be significantly relieved.

Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard and 20th Street, where Mersin has the highest traffic density, will take a sigh of relief with the new Forum Interchange Project to be implemented. The traffic problem, which turns into an ordeal for drivers and pedestrians when the number of vehicles peaks and the traffic is at its peak, will be resolved with the new intersection.

The Forum Interchange, which will be realized by the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, will be one of the important multi-storey intersection projects determined at the point of reaching the welfare level in Mersin.

Construction work will begin

On September 24, 2020, "Various Streets, Boulevards and Streets and Rural Group Roads Infrastructure, Superstructure and Art Structures and Road Construction Work under the responsibility of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality" was tendered by the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, on October 13, the contractor company contract was signed with. With the signing of the contract by the contractor firm, the application works of the project on the land started in the multi-storey intersection construction work. After the completion of these works, multi-level intersection construction works will begin.

Total project length 700 meters

The total project length of the Forum Floor Junction has been determined as 700 meters in the east-west direction. The beginning and end of the project will have a total closed section length of 66,20 meters, a total width of 35 meters including side roads, 16 meters of closed section width, and 26 meters of entrance and exit widths. In project construction; 58 beams of different sizes and 417 bored piles of different diameters will be used.

The intersection will be closed to traffic, new routes have been determined for drivers

Before the works start, Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard and the 20th Street intersection (Forum Upper Junction) will be closed to vehicle traffic. Drivers who want to use these routes will have to use the Roof Junction (18. Street Junction) and Cam Spor Junction (Five Road Junction) and alternative routes connected to these intersections.

Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department and Transportation Department teams will place warning signs at certain points of the city for drivers.

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