UTIKAD Achieved Two More Important Achievements

UTIKAD Achieved Two More Important Achievements
UTIKAD Achieved Two More Important Achievements

International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, UTIKAD, made two important initiatives that will benefit the logistics industry. UTIKAD signs a memorandum of understanding with CIFA (China International Transport Organizers Association), despite the difficult conditions in global communication due to the pandemic.

In addition to this, the proposal of the UTIKAD Delegation, which met with the officials of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Ankara at the end of August, "The Remote Delivery of Dangerous Goods Trainings" was met.

The COVID-19 epidemic, which had an impact all over the world and caused radical changes in business conduct, did not prevent UTIKAD from continuing its activities. In this period when the global human traffic came to a standstill and international fairs were canceled, the intensive work of the UTIKAD Board of Directors brought along an important success for the sector.

CIFA and UTIKAD will sign a cooperation agreement in the coming days. The main purpose of the agreement, which will consist of four articles, is to create a cooperation framework that will enable both institutions to benefit from their common fields of activity and achieve their goals in accordance with the applicable laws of the two countries.

In the agreement to be signed by UTIKAD Vice Chairman Cihan Yusufi, it is envisaged that the management of the two associations will be in regular communication, set targets to improve transportation activities and to encourage best practices in the sector.

The following items will be included in the UTIKAD-CIFA Agreement:

  1. To share the application changes and trends in the sector through communication channels to be established between the two associations
  2. To configure commercial cooperation channels for members of both parties
  3. Forming the International Logistics Alliance
  4. Creating mutual assistance model between members

With this agreement, UTIKAD aims to establish closer relations with China, which has managed to have a say with its investments in international transportation in recent years, and to support the commercial activities of its members with these relations.


Continuing to work to minimize the effects of the epidemic on the logistics industry, UTIKAD visited the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure officials in Ankara on August 24-28. UTIKAD Delegation also expressed the necessity of organizing "Dangerous Goods Trainings" online in their meetings with Ministry officials. This recommendation of the UTIKAD Delegation, underlining the importance of "Dangerous Goods Trainings" for the sector, did not go unanswered. Following the meetings, an announcement was made about "Dangerous Goods Trainings" by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Transport Services Regulation.

In the announcement made by the Ministry for the transportation of dangerous goods,

  • Regulation on Training and Authorization under the International Code of Dangerous Goods Carried by Sea
  • Communiqué on Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy
  • Training Directive for Vehicle Drivers Carrying Dangerous Goods by Road
  • Training Directive on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
  • Training Directive on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail
  • Maritime Trade Surveillance Service Directive Regarding Dangerous Goods
  • Directive on IMDG Code Training Seminars

It was stated that training programs organized in the classroom environment by the educational institutions / businesses authorized to provide training in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the COVID-19 epidemic, within the framework of the conditions specified in the announcement, are deemed appropriate to be carried out by remote live education method until 31 December 2020.

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