Road Cycling Championships Ended Turkey

Road Cycling Championships Ended Turkey
Road Cycling Championships Ended Turkey

Held in Sunflower Valley Bicycle Cycling Road Championships in Turkey it was completed in 2020 by the TBF. Sakarya Büyükşehir Bicycle team hit the roof in the championship that witnessed great excitement. Metropolitan athletes won all 3 medals in the adult men's category.

Turkey Cycling Federation held by Turkey in 2020 in Sunflower Valley Bicycle Cycling Road Championships was the scene of great excitement. Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Cycling Team, which marked its races against time on the first day of the championship, took its place on the podium on the last day of the races.

President Supreme congratulated the athletes

Great excitement of racing to the scene after the completion of the announcement, Chairman Ekrem Yüce, "Sunflower, the most modern cycling facilities in the country, organized by TBF Road Bike Cycling our valley, we hosted the Turkey Championship. I would like to thank all the athletes who participated in the race in the championship and congratulate our athletes who earned their degrees ”. Competition at the end of Turkey athletes to medal in the held award presentation ceremony Cycling Federation President Erol Küçükbakırc and Vice President Mohammad Berat Alphen, Sakaryaspor Club President Cevat sour, Metropolitan Municipality Youth Services and Ilhan Head of Sports Department of the Sheriff Aykaç was presented.

Championship completed

On the last day of the championship, 139.3 athletes from 22 teams competed in the 60 kilometer road race track in the senior men's category. While Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Cycling Team did not leave the podium in the category of big men to anyone, Onur Balkan, one of the athletes from Büyükşehir, finished the race in the first place. Balkan's teammates Halil İbrahim Doğan completed the race in second place and Emre Yavuz in third place and took his place on the podium. In the last race of the championship, 17 athletes from 56 teams in total competed in the youth men's category. Kaan Soylu Özkalbim from İlgem Cycling Club, one of the athletes competing in the 100-kilometer track, took the first place, while Ali Osman Çelik from Konya Torku Şeker Spor and Ahmet Maral shared the 2nd and 3rd place.



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