Sunflower Bike Valley Will Be The Address Of Sports At 2019

aycicegi bike valley 2019da will be the address of the sport
aycicegi bike valley 2019da will be the address of the sport

Orhan Bayraktar stated that the Sunflower Bike Valley will host national and international organizations in 2019, Vad 55. The last stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour will be in Sakarya. The end of TUR2019 and the beginning of the 6 stage will be hosted by the Sunflower Bike Valley. With 2 international competition, important athletes from different countries will look for themselves on the podium. X Bayraktar announced that it will start driving trainings in February.

Orhan Bayraktar, Head of the Department of Youth and Sport Services of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, held a meeting on the activities to be hosted by the Sunflower Bicycle Valley in 2019. In the meeting, Sports Branch Manager Yusuf Ertuğrul Erdem, Sunflower Bike Valley Plant Supervisor Yılmaz Kalk, 2020 World Mountain Bike Championship Director Aziz Sırnaç and coaches took part. Bayraktar, 2019 will be full of sports in the Sunflower Bike Valley said.

Driving training starts in February
Bayraktar, "Our project is an example to Turkey had made in the first 2018 home. In 2019, many activities will take place in our facility. Starting from February, Bike College training activities will begin with Basic Driving, Safe Driving and Forward Driving. The trainings that will be guided by expert trainers in the field will take 4 week as theoretical and practical. Detailed information and announcements about the trainings www.sakarya.bel.t is It will be announced soon.

55. Last stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour in Sakarya
Orhan Bayraktar, "Turkey's Cycling Federation (TBF) from 1963 year is traditionally organized since and two years is the most important racing categories in the world 'UCI World Tour' under actual race between 16-21 April 2019 date still covered World Tour, but this will meet sports fans on a 'nostalgic' route. 16-21 2019 will take place between April 55 with a thrilling challenge. The last stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour will be held in our city. Cumhur

TUR2019 will have a new excitement
The Sakarya stage will be a new excitement for our city, which will take place in the sport of world teams and athletes. The end of the 6 stage and the beginning of the 2019 stage will host the Sunflower Bike Valley. Bayraktar, who received information from the Championship Director Aziz Sirnac, said the necessary steps will be taken according to the needs.

2019 international race at 2
Bayraktar said that 2019 international organization will be held in 2 in Sunflower Bike Valley. We discussed the latest developments in the organization with our team. We consulted the preparations to be made in our facilities. God willing, we will host these races in a way that suits our city. İn

Will be the address of athletics
Bayraktar also stated that the Sunflower Bike Valley will host different sports branches and added: “In the 2019 athletics branch, events will be organized in the Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Athletics Developers Project finals, which were decided during the visit of the President of Athletics Federation Fatih Çintimar to Zeki Toçoğlu, will be held in our city in April. Bayraktar, Bike Coffee House in the facility was opened, Sakarya Salcano BB Continental Team Show Room, Salcano Cycling and Bicycle Workshop will open recently, he said.

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