Professional Computer Repairer

Istanbul's best in a short time computer technician we have become. The most important secret of our success is that we love our job. We act with a team spirit and always work solution-oriented.

In all repairs, we first determine the source of the problem. Then we make a good business plan. We inform our customers about the whole process.

What Else We Do

Regardless of the brand, we assemble your laptop and desktop computers. If you have purchased a compact computer, leave the assembly to us. After completing the computer collection, we install the licensed software you want on your computer.

Computer technician All your network systems are entrusted to us! Is there a problem with your network systems? Are your business lagging? Do not delay! Call KRY Bilişim firm now and your work will not be left unfinished.

Regardless of the brand of your computer or laptop, we repair and maintain it. The important thing in computer repair is to find the cause of the failure. More precisely, this is the most important job. We are also experts in fault finding.

Telephone Exchange Installation is a Children's Toy for us!

One of our areas of expertise is telephone switchboard installation. We are smoothly installing telephone exchanges, which are of vital importance for corporate companies.

Do not forget!

Incorrect or incomplete installation causes communication problems. This means a waste of time and money.

Telephone switchboard First of all, we choose a place for installation. The place we will install should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Also rutubeIt should not be a tli environment. We install in a place away from magnetic fields.

We check the electrical connections before installation. If there are frequent power outages in your area, we make a battery connection. Thus, your communication is not interrupted in any way.

We color coding while preparing internal and external cables. Thus, we prevent any confusion.

We create a cable template and make a connection.

After completing the entire installation, we tell the authorized personnel in your company how the system will work.

You can get all kinds of technical support from us after installation.

We do all the necessary tests and make sure that the system runs smoothly.

You should never get service from companies that are not experts in their field. In addition, the company serving you must provide technical support after installation.

You can contact us for any problems related to the telephone exchange. We are ready to provide you with all technical support.

We Install IP Phone Systems Required for Every Business

In all kinds of audio and video communication required for your business ip phone systems. So you can save both time and money.

Ip phone system: It is the provision of audio and visual communication over the network network system with the help of a specific IP protocol.

Thanks to this system, you will no longer be trapped in desk phones. IP phone system:

  • Computer,
  • Notebook and
  • Mobile phones

You can use it on your devices like. Thanks to its software, you can communicate wherever you are in the world.

The ip phone system provides you with uninterrupted communication.

As in all our works, we explore before establishing ip communication systems. We create a business plan based on the discovery results. Then we do the wiring.

We build the system to work on all your devices. We make the necessary network connections. Then we install the software that is important for the system. We get and define a private IP address for each connection.

Have you had to work at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak? Don't worry! Thanks to the ip phone system, you can do all your work from home. You can communicate with the company you work with either from your mobile phone or from your home computer. All you have to do is log in through the application. That is all!

You can get technical support from us after installation.

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