Automotive Sector Representatives Gathered at the World Automotive Conference

Automotive Sector Representatives Gathered at the World Automotive Conference
Automotive Sector Representatives Gathered at the World Automotive Conference

In order to overcome the effects of the pandemic and catch the production trends of the future, we must switch to the digital production model.

Automotive industry representatives, which make up almost 4,5 percent of the world economy with a size of 5 trillion dollars, came together at the World Automotive Conference (WAC). Rockwell Automation Country Director Ediz Eren, who gave a speech at the online conference where the developments and innovations in the sector as well as the effects of the pandemic on the automotive sector were discussed with the participation of experienced managers and experts in the sector, underlined that the production method is changing rapidly in the world with the pandemic, developing technology and changing customer expectations. Eren said, “Out of the box innovations in production will increasingly continue. In order to be prepared for the future in automotive and production, we must be more flexible and leaner. We can achieve this with digital transformation. Digital transformation is essential for the continuity of production ”.

The World Automotive Conference, which brought the world automotive industry together for the seventh time and held online this year, turned into a summit where industry leaders shared their views, solution suggestions and new technologies. The speeches of Rockwell Automation Country Director Ediz Eren and Rockwell Automation EMEA Region Automotive & Tire Industry Manager Dominique Scheider, the world leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, shed light on the future of the automotive and manufacturing industry.

"We must convert production to digital"

In his speech on "The Effects of Mobility and Digital Transformation on Business Life"; Adding that the pandemic, developing technology and changing customer expectations have experienced a great change in production as in many sectors, Eren said, “We entered a much more ambiguous period with the pandemic in a period of uncertainty in production. With the developments in the world, economies experienced a serious contraction. During this period, many companies shaped their production models with technology in a way to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. We need to be more flexible, more agile and leaner to be prepared for risky times such as pandemics and future production processes. "To achieve this, we must focus on further digitizing the production processes."

"We should consider digital transformation as a whole"

Expressing that it is necessary to consider digital transformation as a whole, Eren said, “While it is extremely easy and fast to prepare the new factories for the future, it can be more difficult for the factories that are currently operating to prepare for the future. Technology and digital must be built on the existing system for investments to be economical. Transformation should be considered as a whole, including human resources, organizational structure, process and machines. Transformation should also be adopted as a corporate culture. In performance management, it is extremely important that the transformation is fully realized and ready to be implemented. Setting a pre-transformation goal is another important step for us. Finally, we must determine the business rationale so that the project's added value and return on investment should be monitored. With all this process and structure, companies should complete their digital transformation in a future-ready manner ”.

"We invest 380 million dollars in R&D every year for the digital transformation of industries"

Speaking about Industry-Specific Mobility and Industry 4.0 Development and Reference Projects, Rockwell Automation Country Director Ediz Eren said, “As Rockweel Automation, we invest 380 million dollars in R&D every year for the digital transformation of the industries. Most of our investments focus on Industry 4.0, IOT technologies, Digital twin technologies, and we sign many investments and partnerships. Our biggest investment so far has been to become a partner in PTC, the world's most advanced technology company in IoT, with a budget of $ 2018 billion in mid-1. In January 2019, we acquired Emulate3D, a company that produces modeling software for the simulation and emulation of industrial automation systems with innovative software solutions. Also in 2019, we purchased Mestech company, which provides consultancy and application services in various industries on MES and MoM solutions. Future technologies and future production models are at the center of our investments ”.

Customer priorities cause automotive revolution

Emphasizing that the leadership in the automotive industry is complex and risky due to the amount of investment, Dominique Scheider, Automotive & Tire Sector Manager of the EMEA Region of Rockwell Automation, said, “As technology develops, the expectations from the automotive industry are constantly changing. When it comes to autonomous vehicles and hybrid vehicles, designing the cars and services of the future is only possible with technology. Automakers have priorities such as understanding who the customer is, what mobility services they want, flexible manufacturing, being reactive in product launches and constantly investing in technology. As a result, there are constant revolutions in automobile manufacturing, ”he said.

"You can participate in production from all over the world"

Stating that they are preparing the automotive industry for revolutions with their products, software and services, Scheider said, “Our services for the automotive sector ensure the convergence between OT and IT. Our Allen-bradley products consume and generate data and can operate at specific analytical levels. We enable companies to save cash with our services. We start with evaluation and analysis and replace existing systems with the most up-to-date hardware and technologies. We focus on areas such as AR, IOT, digital twin and Emulate3D in our technologies. "With these technologies, you can participate in facility optimization, run advanced process simulation like Ansys, test new materials, test a product before a future product is released," he said.

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