Modern Bus Station Building in Akşehir Kazanwhining

Modern Bus Station Building in Akşehir Kazanwhining
Modern Bus Station Building in Akşehir Kazanwhining

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay met with industrialists, tradesmen and the people of the district by investigating the investments in Akşehir.

Mayor Altay first visited the Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) within the scope of the Akşehir program and came together with the industrialists of Akşehir. Mayor Altay, who examined the factories producing in the OSB, sohbet and got information about production from factory officials.


Speaking at the meeting with industrialists, President Altay underlined that it is not possible for people to live there if employment cannot be provided, even if a place is developed, and said, “Even if you build parks, roads and streets, if people are not fed and cannot find a job, there is a great migration. That is why the organization here is very valuable. May Allah be pleased with all of you for the contributions you have made to our country. As Konya Metropolitan Municipality, we are ready to give you all kinds of support. " used the expressions.

Mayor of Akşehir Salih Akkaya said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor met with our businessmen who contributed greatly to the development of our district. Our Uğur President is a true lover of Akşehir. We thank you very much for what he has done to our district so far and what he will do from now on. God bless him. " said.


Mayor Altay was later transferred to the district by Konya Metropolitan Municipality. kazanparticipated in the groundbreaking program of the new bus station building to be built. In his speech here, Mayor Altay stated that they laid the foundation of an important investment and said, “With the New Metropolitan Law, we have invested a total of 228 million liras in our Akşehir. Many projects from the Waste Water Treatment Facility to restoration works have been implemented. Akşehir is a district with high potential. In particular, the planning of the industrial zone and development areas we visited is a sign that very good things will happen for the OIZ and production in the future.” he said.


On the one hand, Akşehir's contribution to tourism kazanNoting that they are carrying out important works on the restoration of the city, Mayor Altay said, “Especially in the restoration works, we, as our district municipality, as the Metropolitan, are making an intense effort to reveal that historical texture of Akşehir with the contributions of our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. Murat Kurum. Hopefully, Akşehir will become an important part of tourism destinations with restoration works.” he said.


Reminding that Akşehir is a first degree earthquake zone, Mayor Altay stated that the existing bus station building has serious problems with earthquake and said, “Therefore, we are starting the construction of a 7.5 square meter bus station today, which will cost 2 million lira in the works we have done. I hope it will be completed and put into service as soon as possible. We follow Akşehir's important projects. I hope a very important project on drinking water will be implemented in spring. With these actions, a serious contribution will be made to Akşehir's economy. I wish good luck to our district. " found in the description.


Mayor Altay emphasized that another priority as Konya Metropolitan Municipality is to increase the income of the farmers engaged in agriculture in the region and continued his speech as follows: “We continue to provide all kinds of agricultural support to our producers not only in Akşehir, but also in Yunak, Tuzlukçu and Çeltik. we do. We have provided close to 210 million TL in agricultural support so far. We also work on increasing product variety, marketing products and creating brand value. I hope our Konya will have a much better tomorrow. " gave his statements.

Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya said, “Our Akşehir now needed a newer and more functional bus station. Hopefully, we will offer it to the service of our people in Akşehir without any accident or trouble. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and his team for taking our new Bus Station into the investment program. " said.

After the Friday prayer, Mayor Altay visited the people of the district and the shopkeepers in the Arasta Bazaar, which was restored by the Metropolitan Municipality, at the Tahtakale Masjid, whose restoration was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality, and finally to Akşehir by the Metropolitan Municipality. kazanHe also carried out investigations on the slaughterhouse investment to be made.

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