Mercedes-Benz Türk Performs Biggest Truck Delivery This Year

Mercedes-Benz Türk Performs Biggest Truck Delivery This Year
Mercedes-Benz Türk Performs Biggest Truck Delivery This Year

Mercedes-Benz Türk made the biggest truck delivery this year with 300 Actros 1848 LS to Hüner Group.
With this delivery, Hüner Group added Mercedes-Benz starred vehicles to its fleet for the first time.

Hüner Global Logistics, which started its activities in Istanbul in 1995, and HNR Logistics, founded in 2011, received a total of 300 Actros 1848 LS trucks from Mercedes-Benz Türk at a ceremony held at Çırağan Palace Kempinsky. This delivery, which is the first major business partnership between Mercedes-Benz Türk and Hüner Group, is also the largest truck delivery in 2020.

In line with the demands and needs of the Hüner Group at the Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory, 300 actros 1848 LS tow trucks, specially produced, were purchased with the advantageous credit support provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. With the addition of 300 tow trucks to be used in international transportation activities, the number of tow trucks in the Hüner Group fleet increased to 521.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 28 LS vehicles, Hüner Group Chairman İbrahim Hüner, at the delivery ceremony held in Çırağan Palace Kempinsky on September 1848, hosted by Mercedes-Benz Türk Executive Board Chairman Süer Sülün and Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt, Hüner Group Board Member & CEO Arda Hüner, Hüner Group Board Member Melisa Hüner and Hüner Group General Manager Ercan Kulaksız.

In his speech, Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt said, “This delivery ceremony has a special importance for us as Mercedes-Benz Türk as well as being the biggest sale of the year. As a result of this business partnership, our esteemed customer Hüner Grup added Mercedes-Benz star-bearing vehicles to its fleet for the first time. It makes us very proud that our vehicles, with the quality and equipment worthy of this valuable business partnership, are in their fleet. The Mercedes-Benz Actros, which we will deliver today to Hüner Group, one of the large-scale companies operating in the field of international logistics, are the long-distance transportation vehicles, with both road performance and maintenance intervals of up to 120.000 km and 20% reduced maintenance cost advantages. stands out with its commercial performance. We wish the new vehicles produced in our Aksaray Factory in line with the demands of our customers to be beneficial to them. " said.

Hüner Group Board Member & CEO Arda Hüner, in his speech, said, “We started our activities in the field of international transportation in Istanbul in 1995, with 25 tractors and 521 trailers in its fleet in 740 years, reaching a fleet size of 1.261 in total, becoming one of the most distinguished logistics brands in our country. we continue by taking. We use our 30.000 m² campus in Hadımköy as our headquarters, as well as warehouse and consolidation warehouses. We provide 24-hour uninterrupted service to our customers at the Logistics Base in Ankara, our own warehouses in Bursa, Italy-Milan and Germany-Munich, again under the name of Hüner Grup. We are in the top 3 in Germany transports and by far our market leadership in Italy transports. We operate in 600 different main sectors with our nearly 23 experienced employees, and produce a service turnover of more than 2.000 million Euros annually with our extensive customer portfolio of more than 75. I am sure that we will strengthen our power with the 300 Actros 1848 LS vehicles we have recently added to our fleet. I would like to thank all Mercedes-Benz Türk executives and employees who contributed to this large fleet purchase, the esteemed managers of Heska Motor Vehicles and our colleagues, and I hope it will be beneficial on behalf of our company and our country. said.

Melisa Hüner, Member of the Board of Hüner Group, said, “In the realization of this agreement, which is one of the biggest acquisitions in our company history; The quality of Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles, the availability of spare parts, the widespread service network, the total ownership advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LS, the fact that the vehicles are produced in our country, the favorable financing conditions provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, the common opinion of our drivers, The approach and full harmony of the Mercedes-Benz Türk sales team to us, and the support and coordination of Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealer and Heska Motor Vehicles were effective. I believe that this first large scale cooperation between the two companies will continue in the years to come. I would like to thank all Mercedes-Benz Türk executives, Heska Motorlu Araclar and Hüner Group members who contributed to the addition of 300 vehicles to our fleet, and wish them good luck on behalf of our company and our country. " said.

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