Rural Bus Ticket Prices Have Been Changed in Eskişehir

Rural Bus Ticket Prices Have Been Changed in Eskişehir
Rural Bus Ticket Prices Have Been Changed in Eskişehir

In the bus services that were started by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality from the city center to the districts in 2017 and attracted the interest of citizens, price changes are made with the decision of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME). Ticket prices will be 1, 2 or 3 times the current prices depending on the distance, within the scope of the change, which will be valid as of October 4 and includes rural neighborhoods connected to the city center.

Metropolitan Municipality, which provides citizens to reach the districts and rural neighborhoods on 26 different routes, is changing the prices on these lines as of October 1. Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the prices were determined according to the distance with the decision taken by the Transport Coordination Center due to the long distances, increase in fuel, maintenance and operating costs, and said, “In our public transportation system, we provide transportation for our citizens approximately 150 kilometers away. We tried to continue the practice we started in district centers in 2017 without interruption for 3 years. However, considering the increasing fuel cost, the exorbitant increase in the spare parts of the vehicles connected to the exchange rate system, the operating expenses, the public transportation fees in the city center and the wage imbalance between the districts, we had to make this arrangement. In order to examine the subject in more detail, three different tariffs were determined in line with the report prepared by Eskişehir Osmangazi University Department of Transportation. With the new regulation that will be effective as of October 1, prices on 2 separate lines covering T3, T4 and T26 tariff types are determined as 2, 3 and 4 times of Esbilet or Eskart. Our citizens will be able to see the tariff information of the vehicles on the windshields of the buses and on the validators while printing the cards. www.eskisehir.bel.t is They stated that they can reach via.

For the file regarding UKOME decision and price information Click here

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