China Builds 526-Meter World's Largest Glass Bridge

China Builds 526-Meter World's Largest Glass Bridge
China Builds 526-Meter World's Largest Glass Bridge

The new 526-meter-long glass bridge built in China and crossing three gorges is the world's largest. Thus, the People's Republic of China broke its own record in this field again and again.

One reason the Chinese make glass bridges is to dwell on people's fear of heights. As a matter of fact, when the longest and highest glass bridge in the world was opened in 2017 in Hunan, the South China province, passers-by were heard as if the bridge was breaking, and it was necessary to overcome the fear of heights in order to walk around the 200-meter-high bridge.

In this context, videos depicting the breaking of the bridge were shared and the bridge was flooded by tourists. After that, the construction of bridges from glass created an important tourism resource. So, in 2019, there were an estimated 2 glass bridges in the country, according to the BBC.

However, the last bridge that crosses these three straits is a true architectural-engineering product. The Institute for Architecture Design and Research at Zhejiang University built this 526-meter-long bridge at the Three Cliffs Site of the Huangchuan District in Southern China and registered it as the Guinness World Record.

The glass bridge, which is mounted on red steel and is 201 meters above the ground, is strong enough that 500 people can walk on it safely at the same time. To prove this, a four-ton all-terrain truck was passed over before visitors were admitted.

Thus, the bridge was built not only to cross the uneven terrain from one place to another with ease, but also to attract tourists. The images to be taken over the bridge will also contain unique beauties. On the other hand, it is planned to organize Bungee-jumping activities and artistic activities on the bridge.

Source: China International Radio

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