Success in All Broadcast Tests in Çamlıca Tower

Success in All Broadcast Tests in Çamlıca Tower
Success in All Broadcast Tests in Çamlıca Tower

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the second broadcast tests at Küçük Çamlıca Tower were successfully completed and said, "Real broadcast tests of 99 radios were done at the same time and all radios were tested successfully". Karaismailoğlu, stating that the radios started to broadcast from the Çamlıca Tower and that the process was carried out with the radio players, said, “As of this week, we are starting to remove the antennas in Çamlıca. As of 2021, we will no longer be able to see an antenna in Çamlıca. "We will build our backup tower and put it into service until the end of the year."

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, said that after the first tests on September 1, the second tests were completed on the night of September 7 at the Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, where the final touches were made. Minister Karaismailoğlu, in his statement regarding the Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, underlined that the tower is a project of great importance, emphasizing that with the investment, primarily radio transmitters, and over time, television transmitters will gather on a single tower.

Karaismailoğlu stated that the project is important in terms of preventing the antennas that are necessary for radio television broadcasting from polluting the silhouette of Istanbul, “In the field of broadcasting in our country for a long time, every television or radio establishment has established its own separate transmitter tower and Çamlıca Hill has turned into a metal forest. These transmitters create an extremely ugly image. "We are collecting the system in a single center by preventing visual pollution with the new tower."

Success In Tests

Bakar Karaismailoğlu said that there are a total of 25 antennas, 3 in Büyük Çamlıca and 28 in Küçük Çamlıca. Stating that the broadcasts of the radios served by the said antennas were transported to Küçük Çamlıca Tower in groups, Karaismailoğlu said, “We moved all radio broadcasts to Çamlıca Tower and started broadcasting from the Tower. Real broadcast tests of 99 radios were performed at the same time. We successfully completed our second tests with a power of 3,5 kilowatts up to a maximum power of 5 kilowatts. Currently, our broadcasts continue successfully without any problems. We carry out the process together with the radio companies. In addition, TV broadcasts were made. "All tests were completed very successfully," he said.

Stating that the landscaping and the finishing touches remain in the construction of the tower, Minister Karaismailoğlu continued his words as follows:

“As of this week, we will start to remove the antennas covering Çamlıca. Our goal is to clean all antennas in Çamlıca as soon as possible. As of 2021, we will no longer see an antenna in Çamlıca. In addition, we will make the backup tower and put it into service until the end of this year. Thus, we will ensure that the broadcasts are not interrupted in any way. "

Minister Karaismailoğlu made the assessment that Küçük Çamlıca Tower, with its 369 meter structural height, will be a symbolic structure for Istanbul, beyond being a new TV and radio tower in terms of function.

Will Be The Center Of Attraction

Karaismailoğlu also underlined that the tower, which was built on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and 578 meters above sea level, will become one of the new touristic centers of Istanbul.

Stating that the panoramic elevators to be used in the tower are placed facing the historical peninsula on one side and the Black Sea coast on the other side, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, "When the viewing floors and restaurants are put into service, it will become a center of attraction for tourists as well as Istanbul citizens."

Karaismailoğlu, Turkey and making investments Istanbul just they think the people expressed that they worked zealously for it, the world's largest projects they are doing for Istanbul, said they opened a service new projects.

Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We have never been tired of working until today. We will continue to work for our citizens, for our bright future ”.

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