Ankara Metropolitan Increased Shopping Mall Inspections Under Coronavirus Measures

Ankara Metropolitan Increased Shopping Mall Inspections Under Coronavirus Measures
Ankara Metropolitan Increased Shopping Mall Inspections Under Coronavirus Measures

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams tightened shopping mall inspections within the scope of coronavirus measures. The Metropolitan Health Affairs Department started to distribute disinfectants free of charge to the citizens of the capital in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Service Building and Kurtuluş Pets Health Center.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has tightened its measures against the increasing Covid-19 cases.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Metropolitan, which has been an example for many municipalities by fully implementing the epidemic measures in Başkent with its social responsibility projects and on behalf of public health, started to distribute free disinfectants in Başkent since March 11.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams increased shopping mall inspections due to the increase in cases in Ankara.


The Ankara Police informs the citizens together with the Municipality doctors and occupational health and safety experts, as well as inspecting the workplaces in line with the circulars published in the shopping malls, especially the hygiene and social distance measures.

Stating that they continue to work day and night within the scope of the measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic, Police Department Head Mustafa Koç stated that the inspections continue increasingly and made the following evaluations:

“We have been conducting our audits for a long time. We have increased our teams day and night. Our municipality's doctors and occupational health and safety experts accompany us during our inspections. In the businesses we visit, they convey some scientific and technical data to both the operators and the citizens. In general, businesses comply with the prescribed regulations. Floor adhesives, interior arrangements have been largely followed. We have never adopted calling open and fining during inspections. We see the results of this in trades. They pay attention to what we say and obey. We also received very positive feedback from this study. We will make this widespread, not only the control of the police, but our aim here is to bring knowledge and expertise to them. I suggest our citizens that the current negative picture does not cause indecision. As our president has said from the beginning of the process, we will do it together. "


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality increased the measures taken against the increase of coronavirus epidemic cases in Ankara and made warnings with doctors and occupational health and safety experts at the points where the citizens of the Capital intensely shop during the police inspections, while hygiene kits containing masks and disinfectants were also distributed.

Dr. Özlem Süreyya Akın, who stated that she made warnings to raise awareness of citizens together with the Head of Police Department, said, “Under the leadership of our President, Mansur Yavaş, we give information about what citizens should pay attention to. Not only healthcare professionals, but also citizens should help us by following the rules. We will achieve this job together. If we follow the rules together and pay attention, we will get rid of this virus. " Occupational Safety Specialist Olcay Güler said, “We also provided information about the pandemic process with the shopkeepers and guests coming here. We gave them a hygiene kit and warned them to be more careful in their work, ”he said.


Metropolitan Municipality continues its hygiene support to citizens within the scope of combating coronavirus. 5-liter disinfectants distributed in Kurtuluş Pets Health Center and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Service Building attract great interest from citizens.

Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, stated that they have been increasing their cleaning and disinfection works in Ankara since the beginning of the pandemic process:

“We produce sodium hypochlorite, one of the most important disinfectants suggested by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, in our ASKI facilities with our own facilities. Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in Ankara recently, we increased our production and started to distribute it to our people free of charge. Our citizens can obtain it from our Animal Health Center located in Kurtuluş Park between 08.00-16.00. "


Thanks to Mayor Yavaş's support for them in the process of combating the coronavirus epidemic, the AVM employees shared their thoughts on the inspections as follows:

Ahmet Kaya: “I find the struggle of the Metropolitan Municipality against the pandemic very useful. We were very surprised to see the occupational safety and health educator and doctor in front of us and we learned what we did not know thanks to their informing us. Thank you very much. Metropolitan Municipality teams work hard and we always feel their support. They remind us of issues that we forget. "

Huseyin Demir: “The fact that Metropolitan Municipality Police teams come with a professional team and provide informative information and carry out inspections show that they care about us. These studies are very useful for everyone, thank you. "

Senay Benle: “Metropolitan Municipality works very successfully during the pandemic process. We thank you. As AVM employees, we protect ourselves and our customers as much as we can. It makes us happy to see that the Metropolitan Municipality is working for us. "

Burcu Akyar: “I was very pleased that the occupational health and safety specialist and the doctor lady came to inform us in addition to the police inspection. We work in a busy place such as a shopping mall, where such warnings and inspections need to be made. Thank you."

Huseyin Kocabas: “We thank the Metropolitan Municipality and our mayor for their interest. I think such informative and supervisory studies are necessary. "

Faruk Vatan: "Even though the necessary precautions have been taken in the shopping mall, the fact that the Municipality teams come and inspect them regularly and they consider our health make us very happy and thank you very much."

Halil Kilic: “I find the work of the municipal teams during the pandemic process successful because such practices will raise awareness of people. Thank you very much."

Citizens thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for continuing disinfectant support and shared their satisfaction with the following words:

Erkan Dallarslan: “Especially Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is struggling against the coronavirus affecting the world. In this process, the use of disinfectants is also very important in our homes and workplaces. As a business owner, we see the great help of the Metropolitan Municipality since the beginning of the pandemic process. I would like to thank those who contributed. "

Aykut Yalcinkaya: “I find it very positive that disinfectants, which are of great importance and expensive product in the pandemic process, are distributed free of charge by our Municipality. I thank our municipality very much. "

Omer Ogun: “I am a cancer patient and I live alone. When the pandemic started, I got a phone call from Büyükşehir. I was asked whether I had a need or not. I thank my Mansur President very much. "

Honorary Generous: “I would like to thank our Municipality for the support it has given us in this sensitive period. We take our own measures as much as we can. Thanks to the places where our power is not enough, the Metropolitan Municipality supports it. I congratulate our Mayor and his employees and thank them. "

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