3 billion pounds will be spent on the 1.7 metro project taken over by the Ministry of Transport

3 subway project to take over the Ministry of Transport that will be spent 1.7 billion pounds: Ministry of Transport, metro and light rail systems in Turkey for the overall project will spend 2015 billion 1 million 734 thousand in total in 92 was announced. Ministry to tender for projects in the second half of the year

Following the arrangement to transfer the construction of the subway to the Ministry of Transportation, the button was pressed for Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya subways. The process was started for the construction of the metro, which was started by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at 2001 and was transferred to the Ministry of Transport due to lack of resources. The 3.3 kilometer line, which will serve between the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) and Kızılay in Ankara, consists of 3 stations. The project will extend the Kecioren-Ataturk Cultural Center line to Kizilay through the Garage after AKM Station. AKM-Gar-Kizilay Metro is the fourth project undertaken by the Ministry in Ankara.

Another metro project will be the Yenikapı-İncirli line in Istanbul. The 7-kilometer line will consist of 5 stations. With the project, the Hacıosman-Taksim-Yenikapı Line will be extended to Incirli. It will be integrated with the Marmaray and Yenikapı-Airport lines in the transfer center in Yenikapı and with the Bakırköy-Başakşehir, Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü and İDO-Kirazlı rail systems in İncirli.

The Antalya Airport-EXPO Tram Line will be the 16.8 mileage level, the 1 mileage will open and close, and the 160 meter will be the bridge. The line projected with tram standards will be the 17.2 mileage. The project will connect seamlessly to the city, airport and EXPO 2016.

Ankara subways have been put into service

The transfer of the Ankara subways to the Ministry of Transport took place at 2011. The Kizilay-Cayyolu (15.3) kilometer, the Batıkent-Sincan (16.5) kilometer in length, and the Tandogan-Kecioren line (9.2 kilometer-long) were taken to the ministry. 172.6 million TL Red Crescent-Çayyolu Metro opened by the Ministry consists of 16.59 stations with 11 kilometers. The Batıkent-Sincan Metro, with a value of 151 million, was completed and put into service. Tandogan-Kecioren Metro tender is planned to be rebuilt. The tender was held at 338 March 18 and there was an appeal process. Following the appeal of the Dido-Ray Construction Expansion Construction Joint Venture, which has the lowest bid in the tender, in the 2014 September 1, the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) has canceled the tender. The General Directorate of Infrastructure appealed for cancellation. If the JCC rejects the appeal, the tender is expected to be rebuilt.



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