Kupkaya Canyon Walkway Making Safe

Kupkaya Canyon Walkway Making Safe
Kupkaya Canyon Walkway Making Safe

The Canyon Küpka to provide transportation to the walking path shown among Turkey's 10 most beautiful canyon converted into a safe building. The wrought iron railing assembly started after the completion of the route created only with natural stones has come to an end.

In Ordu, which has made a name in tourism with its vast forests, oxygen-rich plateaus, streams and waterfalls in the Black Sea Region, as well as stream canyons, tourism investments continue. Metropolitan Municipality teams working in many points to increase the attractiveness of tourism spots throughout the city came to an end with the works they started in the Kupkaya Canyon located in the Kardeşler District of Ulubey district. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that 80 percent of the wrought iron railing installations on the walkway that provides pedestrian access to the Canyon have been completed.


Stating that the canyon, which attracts attention with its natural structure and rocks shaped by currents, has reached a walking path for the first time, President Güler said, “Previously, there was no road for pedestrian transportation. Our Parks and Green Areas Department teams first opened the 250-meter-long, 2.5-meter-wide walkway by paving it with cobblestone stones. We laid a total of 625 square meters of stone here. Afterwards, we started the installation of wrought iron rails to ensure the safety of the road. Currently 80 percent of the work has been completed, ”he said.


Stating that Kupkaya Canyon is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists, President Güler said, “Kupkaya Canyon is a natural wonder of about 5 kilometers, flowing through lush forests, with a water of 2 degrees even in summer. We have made some touches so that more tourists can visit such a beautiful canyon. Because the canyon has an increasing visitor traffic day by day. As we do here, we will continue our investments in tourism throughout the province without slowing down ”.

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