TEKNOFEST 2020 Started With Magnificent Shows

TEKNOFEST 2020 Started With Magnificent Shows
TEKNOFEST 2020 Started With Magnificent Shows

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey with the Ministry of Industry and Technology hosted Team Foundation Technologies (T3 Foundation) organized by TEKNOFEST, began with colorful events. The festival, which started with a cortege march, continued with the lifting of the TEKNOFEST Flag. Turkish Stars Pilots announced the start of TEKNOFEST by performing acrobatics over the whole city starting from Gaziantep Castle.

Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology Team Technology Foundation (Foundation T3) will be held in Gaziantep first time outside Istanbul by aviation, space and technology TEKNOFEST festival began with color images. The festival, which consists of 21 different technology categories and hosted by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, was attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, T3 Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar, parliamentarians, mayors and provincial protocol joined. The festival started with a cortege march from the Panorama Museum on December 25 to the front door of Gaziantep Castle, accompanied by a band, with the participation of protocol students and stakeholders, and then the TEKNOFEST flag was raised. The pilots of the "Turkish Stars" within the Turkish Air Force performed an unprecedented aerobatic show over the city, starting from Gaziantep Castle, drawing a huge heart into the sky.


Speaking in the TEKNOFEST opening speech, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that the interest in the festival has increased exponentially every year and said, “We were in Istanbul for the first two years and we said let's land in Anatolia in our third year and here we are in Gaziantep. Of course, the epidemic cannot stop technology enthusiasts and our youth. 'Technology produces Turkey's goal is that we go with our young people in this way hundreds of thousands of years, continue to join us. All are focused on one purpose only. To produce groundbreaking technologies. By forcing the means at their disposal, our young people formed their own teams, did idea gymnastics, drew out R&D and innovation roadmaps and put them into the project. In the morning in their workshops, they carried out ambitious works ranging from electric cars to rockets, from autonomous vehicles to unmanned underwater vehicles. TEKNOFEST is an event that has the power to transform society. Now we will see the effects of the seeds we sow in the medium and long term. Young people who produce energy vehicles that launch rockets and race UAVs today will tomorrow be the architects of this country's most modern missiles, planes and smart cities. With this event, we discover the potential of young people and become their companions to their dreams. We take out to develop critical technologies of the future and to produce competitive products in high technology areas. In this way, we ensure our economic and technological independence. We have ambitious but realistic dreams. All the world's pursuit after the innovative and indispensable product development and on their 'Made in Turkey' We want to see the stamp. With TEKNOFEST, we can produce technology as well, and we are trying to convey the awareness to all citizens in every layer of our society. In addition, we are bringing together all the schools in Gaziantep with TUBITAK's libraries, ”he said.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin expressed her happiness for TEKNOFEST in Gaziantep and said, “'A flag is flying over the Antep castle. The red in my blood, the white in my forehead, the most beautiful flag among the flags. ' I would like to thank the T3 Foundation for what we need to think about us, that this festival is not just a festival, and for working with faith and faith to overcome the technology gap in our country, and for breaking new ground. I find the decision to open up to Anatolia very valuable. It was important to raise Anatolia and advance it with this spirit. Gaziantep is ready for the festival with its 1 million young people, 4 universities, industry and tourism. Under the leadership of our Esteemed President, we continue our journey by saying 'first nation, country first'. On this journey, the city closest to the 100th anniversary goals of the republic is Gazi city. Gaziantep, Turkey is growing twice as big as whatever. We work with faith and love. No giving up, no going astray. "This city will fulfill all the duties given to become the 10th economy of the world."


Selçuk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of T3 Foundation, underlined that TEKNOFEST brought from Istanbul to Anatolia, to Gaziantep where the sun rises, and said: “Gaziantep has become integrated with TEKNOFEST with its energy, enthusiasm and excitement. We had a dream when we set out for the festival. We were dreaming of developing the best technologies in the world. This year, we share this dream with our young brothers and sisters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have a TEKNOFEST, which is closed to visitors but all precautions are taken. Despite the pandemic this year, we received a record level of applications. We almost broke a world record. More than 20 thousand teams, a total of 100 thousand young people applied to the competitions. Our young brothers prepared for these competitions for a year, if we were not able to do so, their efforts and dreams would be lost and their motivation would decrease. fully independent and strong progress in Turkey is not just using technology, developed and dreamed possible with produce. TEKNOFEST is the platform where these young people who will build the future live. TEKNOFEST is the place of young people who are not afraid of difficulties, who do not run away from innovation and who are not kneaded by research. The national technology move also has a spirit that supports the great transformation and equal opportunity in our society. If children are given the opportunity in every corner of Turkey will change the world. The whole point is to open the way for these children and remove their barriers. It is our debt to our beloved nation to mobilize all means for all Anatolia. Full independence from the journey, national technology moves from the ideal, Turkey will never give up the technology from the most advanced transport target. There is no turning or stopping this way. "

In his speech, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül stated that corporate companies and managers in the public and private sectors supported the festival with all their love and said that TEKNOFEST is an event that is pointed out in the world. T3 Foundation's confidence in Turkey, stressed that the role models for young people.

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