Railways in its 164th Year

Railways in its 164th Year
Railways in its 164th Year

The journey of iron, initiated by courageous people like "a long narrow road", is 164 years old today. What has not changed, roads, cities, locomotives, wagons, stations, stations… The excitement in our unchanging hearts, the determination in our character, the railroad in our stance.

TCDD is the name of the great struggle of anonymous heroes. Every city, every town and village that is reached is the work of our slogan. Railways carry culture, wealth and well-being to where they go. In other words, it is to conquer Anatolia, which was conquered in 1071, once again.

Behiç ERKİN is the legendary railway driver of the young Republic. How much we owe to our first general manager. How much we owe our colleagues from Edirne to Kars for 164 years.

The world's railways Turkey brand our goal, we are continuing to work with great sacrifice that our more kenetlerk each other. We have accomplished many works shoulder to shoulder, from high-speed trains to modern stations and stations, from logistics centers to Marmaray, which transports us to Europe. Of course, we are grateful to our President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN for the great importance he attaches to railways.

I commemorate those who passed away on this blessed journey of 164 years, and congratulate all retired and on duty railroaders as the anonymous heroes of this great success.

With my love and affection.

Happy 164th anniversary ...

Ali İhsan UYGUN
General Manager of TCDD

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