Masks will be worn everywhere except home in Ankara!

Masks will be worn everywhere except home in Ankara!
Masks will be worn everywhere except home in Ankara!

Ankara Provincial General Hygiene Board convened extraordinarily under the chairmanship of Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin on 08/09/2020, in accordance with Articles 1593, 23 and 27 of the Public Health Law No. 72, and took the following decisions.

In the controlled social life period we are in, in addition to the general principles of cleaning, mask and distance rules, which are the general principles of combating the epidemic, compliance with the measures determined separately for each field of activity / business line and effective control mechanisms are of great importance.

In this context, in line with the circulars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs published on different dates, with the decisions of our Board, everyone has been obliged to wear masks for certain disadvantaged groups / professions or in some public areas, regulations have been made regarding intercity and urban passenger transport, and under which conditions and conditions of urban public transport The rates and rates for standing passengers were determined and restrictions were imposed on the music activities of restaurants, restaurants, cafes and similar establishments.

Since the failure to comply with the measures taken, especially the physical distance rule, at the current stage increases the rate of spread of the disease and puts the public health at risk; Presidency convened on 07.09.2020 under the chairmanship of our President

In our city in line with the decisions taken in the cabinet;

1. Obligation of our citizens to wear masks without exception in all areas (public areas, avenues, streets, parks, gardens, picnic areas, beaches, public transportation vehicles, workplaces, factories, etc.) throughout our province (excluding residences),

2. It is not allowed to take standing passengers in urban public transportation vehicles where physical distance rules cannot be applied in terms of internal volume, such as minibuses / midibuses and buses without any dilution and lift in seat capacity,

In public transportation vehicles other than these;

a) In rail system vehicles (subway, tram, etc.), they can sit as much as the wagon seat capacity and carry up to 50% of the standing passenger capacity, if there is a reciprocal seating arrangement, one seat is left empty and sitting diagonally in these seats,

b) In public transportation vehicles with a weight of standing passenger such as buses with diluted / lifted seat capacities; To be able to carry standing passengers up to 30% of the standing passenger capacity written in the vehicle licenses by sitting as much as the seat capacity written in the vehicle licenses in a way that is not contrary to the physical distance rules, if there is a reciprocal seating arrangement, sitting diagonally by leaving one empty seat in these seats,

c) Rail system vehicles (metro, tram, etc.) and seat capacities

In diluted / lifted buses, the sign / sign indicating the number of passengers that can be taken standing should be hung in a way that everyone can see, and the places where the standing passengers can stand are determined by physically marking them,

3. Restaurant, cafe etc. Not permitting music broadcasting (including any kind of broadcast, such as live music, recording, etc.) at all food and beverage or entertainment venues after 24.00:XNUMX. Taking all necessary measures in this regard by law enforcement units and local administrations under the coordination of local governors.

4. Places where citizens are / can be found collectively (marketplaces, beaches, etc.) and cafes, restaurants, etc. in dining and entertainment venues; In order to combat the coronavirus epidemic, the necessary measures are taken by the District Governors to increase the efficiency of the inspections in order to comply with the rules determined by the Ministry of Health Outbreak Management and Work Guide and the relevant Circulars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the measures taken,

To show the necessary sensitivity by the District Governors and all relevant institutions in the collection of administrative fines imposed on real and legal persons (businesses, etc.) who do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of combating coronavirus,

It was unanimously decided that no disruption in practice and unjust treatment would be caused, that administrative action should be taken for those who did not comply with the decisions taken, in accordance with the relevant articles of the Public Health Law, and the necessary judicial proceedings within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding criminal behavior.

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