Ergan Mountain Master Plan Preparation from KUDAKA

Ergan Mountain Master Plan Preparation from KUDAKA
Ergan Mountain Master Plan Preparation from KUDAKA

Oktay Güven, Secretary General of KUDAKA, who continues to make field visits in the region, made observations at Ergan Mountain Ski Center. During the field visit accompanied by the Special Provincial Administration officials, discussions were held on project ideas for the development of winter tourism in Erzincan.

Infrastructure investments needed for winter tourism in Ergan Mountain Ski Center, more effective use of the existing ski facility and Ergan Mountain's contribution to all-season tourism. kazanPreliminary meetings were held on additional projects aimed at In this context, studies have been initiated by the Northeast Anatolian Development Agency (KUDAKA) for the preparation of the "Ergan Mountain Master Plan".

With the Master Plan, analysis and synthesis studies will be carried out in order to review the nature of the existing winter sports center, to determine the potential for summer and winter activities, to ensure that mountain tourism activities are spread throughout the year and that the study area becomes a part of the city.

Within the framework of the plan; First of all, the features that should be in a tourism center in general terms will be determined, analyzes regarding the current situation of the study area will be made, and then the problems and potentials of the area will be reached with the synthesis created in line with the obtained analysis data. After the evaluation of the current situation, a planning concept will be created that includes strategies and physical intervention decisions for the tourism center to be established in the area, and a Tourism Master Plan and Feasibility will be prepared for the area in line with this concept. New investments will be made in line with this Master Plan.

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