Environmental Tourism Cooperation between Erzurum and Bansko

Cooperation between neighboring tourism and bansko winter tourism
Cooperation between neighboring tourism and bansko winter tourism

His Erzurum in Turkey's example shown Municipality institutions with environmental investments, environmental management approach, this time headed to the tourism sector. With the “Green Winter Tourism Cooperation Project” prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality and financed under the European Union (IPA II), a project partnership protocol was signed between Erzurum and Bansko cities of Bulgaria. Within the scope of the project, both cities, which are famous for winter tourism and ski resorts, will raise awareness on energy efficiency and feasibility studies will be carried out on environmental investments in tourism centers.


Friendly Environment Friendly Winter Tourism Cooperation hazırlanan, which was prepared by the European Union and Foreign Relations Department of the Department of Resource Development and Subsidiaries of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and received full marks under the European Union (IPA II) program, was launched in Erzurum. meeting. Deputy Governor of Erzurum Yildiz Buyuker, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Zafer Aynali, Project Local Partner KUDAKA Secretary General Prof. Palan Hotel. Dr. Osman Demirdöğen and Mayor of the city of Bonska, Bulgaria, Project Co-Beneficiary Ivaylo Borisov Rahov, and representatives of the project stakeholders.


Zafer Aynalı, the General Secretary of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, made a speech following the introduction of the project and emphasized the importance of environmental investments. Aynalı underlined that the world population is increasing and this increase directly affects not only consumption patterns but also the environment and naturally ecosystem. Energy is undoubtedly one of the factors whose consumption is increasing with the transition from agricultural society to industrial society and which must be absolutely affordable. ”


Emphasizing that energy resources facing extinction throughout the world is one of the greatest threats of the age, Aynalı said that efforts to create alternative energy sources in developed countries have increased in parallel. In this context, the Secretary General Aynalı said that the Metropolitan Municipality has put forward a high level of applicability in Erzurum and said: gör We saw the daily and yearly sunshine periods of Erzurum as an opportunity and we established many solar power plants. Thanks to these plants, we have started to produce electricity in Erzurum effortlessly and thus to create an economic cycle. In line with the same understanding, we managed to obtain electricity from our wasted water for years by establishing a hydroelectric power plant at the entrance of our drinking water treatment plant. As the Metropolitan Municipality; Thanks to the power plant we installed in our landfill, we converted methane gas, which is 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, into electrical energy. Within the scope of this project, we have been generating electricity for more than a year and in this way we prevent the emission of methane gas into our atmosphere. These initiatives are a clear proof that we put an environmentalist approach at the center of our understanding of municipality..


Secretary General Zafer Aynalı also mentioned the değ Environmental Winter Tourism Project Proj in his speech. Within the scope of the project supported by the European Union, they will cooperate with the city of Bansko, Bulgaria, which has similar characteristics with the winter tourism potentials in Erzurum.

Aynalı said, “We will try to prevent the energy consumption in both cities, Erzurum and Bansko, where winter tourism density is increasing, and to protect the environment by obtaining the energy needed by the tourism sector in natural ways. So much so, with the infrastructure we will create and the renewable energy sources we will find, we will meet the electricity need in all facilities, especially Palandöken ski center, from now on kend.


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Resource Development and Affiliates Department of European and External Relations prepared by the Directorate being carried out under the City Twinning Grant Program between Turkey and the European Union "Green Winter Tourism Cooperation Project" European Union (IPA II) scope to be financed. The overall objective of the City Matching Grant program, the EU accession process of Turkey is improving the administrative and implementation capacity at the local level, through the special purpose town twinning projects between local authorities in Turkey and EU countries to promote mutual exchange in areas related to the EU accession process will be to create sustainable structures .


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union is the leading institution in the program and the Central Finance and Contracts Unit of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will be responsible for the administrative-financial implementation of the program through the contracting authority of the program. Environmental Planning, Ministry of Local Government Headquarters, Turkey Union of Municipalities and Provinces Union while three key stakeholders of the grant program, the program will be responsible for the approval of all the activities of the European Union Delegation to Turkey project. With the erek Environmental Winter Tourism Cooperation Project ”carried out within the scope of the program, the project partnership was established with the aim of establishing a connection between the city of Bansko in Erzurum and Bulgaria, while the Northeast Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA) acted as a project partner.


The overall objective of the project will be to raise awareness on energy efficiency and to take measures in cooperation with local authorities in the two regions where winter tourism is widespread. The special objective of the project will be to increase energy saving practices in the Palandöken and Bansko ski centers, to make a protocol for joint cooperation in winter tourism between the two municipalities, to create a road map on the use of alternative energy sources in the two regions, and to extend environmental practices in the Palandöken and Bansko ski centers.


While the basis of the project is the high electricity consumption in the ski centers, it is remarkable that the electrical energy consumption is high in both ski centers. As a result of the increasing number of tourists and new investments, electricity consumption increases every day, while increasing energy expenditure causes additional financial burden for municipalities and leads to more consumption of natural resources. In this context, feasibility study will be carried out in Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center and Bansko Ski Center in Bulgaria. With the feasibility study, the electricity costs of the ski centers will be detailed and suggestions will be made on which alternative energy sources can be used at this point of consumption, what new energy investments may be or which measures can be taken to reduce energy costs.


The background of the project will be to contribute to the development of environmentalist approaches in winter tourism centers and to raise awareness on renewable energy practices and environmental protection. In this context, two ski competitions will be held in Erzurum and Bansko. 5 athletes from Erzurum and 5 athletes from Bansko will participate in the skiing competition in Bansko, Bulgaria. Thanks to the ski competitions, the recognition of the ski centers, especially the athletes, is ensured, and the awareness of the environmental awareness will be increased through the project visibility materials and environmental awareness themed materials used in the competition areas.

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