Traffic in Bursa on August 30 and GranFondo Arrangement

Traffic in Bursa on August 30 and GranFondo Arrangement
Traffic in Bursa on August 30 and GranFondo Arrangement

Arrangements came to traffic in Bursa due to the 30th of August Victory Day and the 'GranFondo Bursa International Bicycle Race' event organized by the Metropolitan Municipality. Some roads were closed to transportation due to the holidays and events.

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was noted that the arrangement was made because the citizens could easily follow the celebration and bicycle race, and the vehicle and pedestrian safety were ensured. In the statement on the subject, “The road from Altıparmak to Çekirge direction from 06:00, starting from 08:30, Altıparmak, Sculpture, İnönü Street, Izmir Road direction from Ankara Street, FSM Boulevard, 09: Starting from 30, the direction of İzmir road is Minteks Junction, Başköy, Akçalar road, after 10:00, Doğanalan, Old Mustafakemalpaşa Road, Unçukuru, Maksempınar, Kayapa roads are closed to vehicle traffic, simultaneously Akçalar, Hasanağa and Kayapa roads, 10: Kayapa, Çalı, Demirciköy, the part from Misi Köy to Orhaneli Road and the direction of Orhaneli-Bursa from 30, after Misi Village, Odunluk Region, Mihraplı Bridge, Vertical Pavement, Hayran Street, TRF. Branch Directorate, Zübeyde Hanım Street, Çekirge Square, Çekirge Street will be closed to vehicle traffic ”.

The statement also said, “The said routes will be delivered at 10:45 to Ankara Cd. İzmir direction, Başköy and Akçalaryolu at 11:15, Demirciköy-Misi road at 12:30, the main arteries other than the road from Altıparmak to Çekirge at 13:20 and all the roads within the track at 14:30. will open to traffic ”expressions were used.

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