Reported and Implemented on the Same Day… Illegal Processing Illegal Method

The information posters of the IMM with the words "Ya Kanal or Istanbul" removed by the Governorship of Istanbul were examined on the same day and the collection decision was put into effect on the same night. IMM conveyed its objections to the Istanbul Governorship regarding this transaction, which did not have a judicial decision. It was stated that the application in the appeal was based on the Civil Inspectorate report, which has not yet been shared with IMM, and it was pointed out that it contradicts the law in many aspects, especially the Constitution.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) informed the Governorship of Istanbul in a letter that the intervention against the property, judgment and advertisement areas under its possession was wrong, unfair and unlawful. In this letter of the IMM, it was emphasized that the governorship letter and the procedure established by the police units to remove the banners belonging to him on the same day was completely unlawful. In the article, in accordance with the "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Advertisement, Announcement and Promotion Regulation" issued by the IMM Council, "Pedestrian crossings and vehicle underpasses and overpasses can be used for the purpose of announcing the actions and activities of the relevant municipality to the public, provided that they are in their jurisdiction and responsibility." In this article, IMM stated that it is among their duties to protect the environment, agricultural lands and water basins. IMM also reminded once again that it withdrew from the Canal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol.


In its objection, which noted that the action taken by the Governorship of Istanbul included the law, the IMM underlined that the information posters of the "Kanal Istanbul" were removed by ignoring the right to defense, which is guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. With the letter in question, it was explained that the request for the removal of the requested posters was contrary to the law, and that it aimed to eliminate an action in accordance with the law and legislation by illegal actions.


IMM explained to the Governorship of Istanbul that it is the duty of the municipality to appeal to Kanal Istanbul, which will cause great damage to the city by reminding the relevant provision of the Municipality Law. It was pointed out that the relevant laws and regulations are clear, and it was reminded that the task of "ensuring the protection of the environment, agricultural lands and water basins in accordance with the principle of sustainable development" was given to IMM.

In the article emphasizing that IMM acts with the responsibility of this duty, pointed out the reason for leaving the Kanal Istanbul protocol and said:

“Our decision to withdraw from the protocol has been notified to the parties of the protocol, a lawsuit related to the issue has not been referred to our Consultancy Office until today, and as a natural result of this, our withdrawal process has been finalized.

The will of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality regarding the said Channel Istanbul Project, shared with the whole public, is that it is not approved for the construction of this project due to the damages it will cause to Istanbul. In this context; The issue was brought to the jurisdiction for the cancellation of the transactions regarding this project.

Views of our administration's technical units, scientists and non-governmental organizations; It is in the direction of not realizing this project that will prepare the ground for the destruction of Istanbul, and sharing these opinions with the purpose of raising public awareness through both social media channels and visual media, above all, is the natural requirement of the authorities given to our Municipality by laws.


The article also pointed out the relevant provisions of the law on advertising spaces. Here, referring to the regulation "Pedestrian crossings and vehicle underpasses and overpasses can be used for the purpose of public disclosure of the actions and activities of the relevant municipality, provided that they are in the areas of authority and responsibility", the authority of the municipality in these areas was revealed.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's report 'State of Law' is reminding, he received assurances under the Constitution and the law, the individual was emphasized the importance of the principles of openness and transparency in terms of the rule of law. In addition, it was emphasized that those who receive service in accordance with the principle of democratic state should be aware of the decision-making process as they are affected by the action or transaction.

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