Fast Train Accident in Portugal 1 Dead, 50 Injured

fast train crash in portugal injured
fast train crash in portugal injured

In Portugal, the high-speed train and the train that maintains the rail collide. According to the first determinations in the accident, 1 person died and 50 people were injured. There were 282 passengers on the high-speed train.

The reported accident in the Soure region, near Coimbra, Portugal, caused a large number of ambulances and firefighters to flock to the area.

According to the first statements, at least 50 people were injured, one person died. Soure Mayor Guto Gouvea said in a statement that most of the passengers managed to get off the train alone after the accident, while a field hospital was established in a field in the region.

It was stated that 64 support teams, including 2 land and 167 aircraft, participated in the rescue efforts initiated after the accident, while there were 282 passengers on the train.

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