Lexus Makes 5 Millionth Luxury SUV Sale

Premium automaker Lexus broke an important milestone by selling its 5 millionth luxury SUV globally. Founded in 1989, Lexus started selling the first SUV model, the LX, in 1996. The RX, which paved the way for the luxury SUV segment, went on sale two years later and soon became the most popular model in its class for premium car users.

Lexus has 6 models in its global SUV product range: UX, NX, RX, RX L, GX and LX. Representing two-thirds of the brand's total sales, Lexus SUVs are available in more than 90 markets worldwide.

Every SUV model of Lexus; It carries the brand's unique design, adventurous identity, high quality workmanship and sophisticated technology. Introducing the hybrid RX 2005h in 400, which raised the bar to a different level in its segment, Lexus has been continuing its pioneering role in luxury hybrid SUVs ever since. While the rate of those who prefer Lexus SUVs in Western Europe is up to 96 percent, the number of people who prefer Lexus hybrid SUVs is increasing day by day.

The RX, which has been sold since 1998 in Lexus' global SUV sales, ranks first with sales of 3 million 136 thousand units. The NX, which was put on the market in 2014 and achieved high sales in a short time, became the second best selling model with 853 thousand units.


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