ISDEM Period in Combating Coronavirus Outbreak

In terms of the success of the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic and keeping the spread of the epidemic under control, it is of great importance to comply with the basic principles of the controlled social life period, as well as the rules of cleaning, mask and distance, as well as the measures determined for all business lines and living areas.

In this context, with the circular sent to the governorships of the Ministry of Interior on 20 August, a new period was started in terms of combating the epidemic. In this context, with the data integrations provided between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, instant and up-to-date data is transferred to the teams conducting audit activities, as well as instant planning, guidance and follow-up of audit activities throughout the county, province and country.

ISDEM Widespread Across the Country

The Provincial Outbreak Control Center application, which was previously commissioned as a pilot application in Kırıkkale by the Ministry, was expanded throughout the country and all provincial / district epidemic control centers were established as of yesterday. In the provinces, the deputy governor appointed by the governor under the supervision of the governor, and the workplace or neighborhood inspection teams of the provincial / district epidemic control centers operating under the coordination of the district governor will be provided.

Activities will be carried out on a 7 day 24 hour basis

The governorship and district governorships have authorized 17 audit teams and 993 people working in these teams through ISDEM, which was commissioned yesterday throughout the country. The provincial / district epidemic control centers, which are responsible for ensuring audit planning and coordination, conducting the management and administration of the teams, and finalizing the incoming notices and complaints through audit teams, will operate on a 65/184 basis.For this purpose, the necessary assignment and authorization procedures have been completed by the governorship and district governors.

An Effective Reporting and Complaint Mechanism Has Been Created

Citizens will be able to report the situations or behaviors that are in violation of the Kovid-19 measures they encounter, through the HES application, by calling the call numbers 112, 155,156 or by using the notification lines determined by the governorship / district governorship, to the provincial / district epidemic control centers.

In addition, the necessary integration studies between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior have been completed so that the notices and complaints that can be made by taking photos or videos from the HES application with over 25 million downloads can be forwarded to the provincial / district epidemic control centers through the ISDEM application.

It will deliver the notices and complaints of the provincial / district epidemic control centers to the relevant workplace inspection team or the neighborhood inspection team, depending on the subject, through the 112, 155, 156 or HES application. These teams will investigate the incident subject to the notice / complaint on-site, and in case of a violation, the necessary administrative / judicial work and procedures will be initiated.

Thousand 159 Reports Received in One Day to ISDEM

Despite the fact that it was a day since the ISDEM application was implemented across the country and it was not known sufficiently by the citizens, 159 notifications / complaints were received. Again, in the last day, the number of inspections carried out by the Provincial / District Outbreak Control Centers over the ISDEM software was 5 thousand 243.

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