Hasan Bey Logistics Center Railway Connection to be Made by the Ministry

The Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors were unanimously acquitted at the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Ordinary General Assembly held with the intense participation of industrialists.

The Ordinary General Assembly of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone was held in Eskişehir OIZ Directorate Meeting Hall with the intense participation of industrialists. At the meeting, where representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology were present and the Chairman of the Council, İsmail Kunduracı, the 2019 activity reports of the Management and Audit Boards and the 2020 balance sheet and income statements of the region were discussed. At the General Assembly, the OIZ board of directors and the supervisory board were acquitted unanimously.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Nadir Küpeli said, “We postponed our general assembly to be held in March until this month with the order of the Ministry due to the Pandemic, but we did not postpone our works at all during this period. We continued the service. “Congratulations to all industrialists in our general assembly today”. In the general assembly where the activities carried out in 2019 and the activities of 2020 were also discussed, President Küpeli; He gave information to the participants about the Life Center, EOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, 1 Development Zone and the connection road that will connect the existing OIZ to the 1st Development Zone.

We solved the problem of 19 years

President Küpeli said that when they took office, they solved the road problem that could not be solved for 19 years, “Firuz Kanatlı Boulevard was an adventurous road. Their work had begun before us and they had been worked hard, but they had not reached a solution. We said we will do this way. Thank God we did that way. With the construction of Firuz Kanatlı Boulevard, there has been a significant relief in the traffic inside the OIZ. "After we built this road, we transferred around 30 percent of the traffic there," he said.

The Ministry will make the connection line

Küpeli, who also gave information about the connection line of the Organized Industrial Zone and Hasan Bey Logistics Center, said, “There was a protocol between TCDD and us for the connection line to be established between our region and Hasanbey Logistics Center. However, there were conflicts with TCDD. Although we said that the trains here will be maneuvering trains and the infrastructure should be made accordingly, the cost has increased four times as a result of the projects being given to us as a high-speed train project. We also objected to this. I submitted a file to Mr. Binali Yıldırım during his prime ministry period. He said we will make that line. 4-3 months after this meeting, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure said you would make 4 percent of the line this time. After our objection, it was decided that the road will be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. "There is no study at the moment due to lack of budget."

We will take 270 students

Speaking about Private EOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Mayor Küpeli said, “This is your school. Our school, whose priority started 100 students last year, will receive 270 this year. After 3 years, our total number of students will increase significantly. "There is a great interest in our school from our people and this makes us very happy."

After the speeches, all agenda items of Eskişehir OIZ were discussed and unanimously accepted.

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