France Centered Turkish company will produce QR Coded plates in Turkey

France-centered-turk-firmasi QR-code-plate-turkiyede will produce
France-centered-turk-firmasi QR-code-plate-turkiyede will produce

national and local ideas with technology reached in cases where local content in Turkey's recent highlights, new projects are implemented, it continues to attract the attention of Turkish companies abroad. Developing a new system in the field of security in line with the demands and needs, the French-based Turkish company Zifort Immatriculation is preparing to facilitate the work of the security forces with the QR coded plate method. In our country, who want to support the company as a production base started to use domestic technology while attacking Turkey.

Abdullah Demirbaş, Chairman of the Board of Zifort Immatriculation, said, “With the system we have developed, our goal is to make it easier for the police forces in our country. Our goal production in Turkey are performing to sell this technology to the world. We made an investment of 4.8 million TL in Yozgat. We continue our efforts to make our country have a say in the world in this field and to contribute to our employment. For the first time, we developed this system 2 years ago for a middle east country due to the demand. In line with the increasing demand for this technology will create a production network in Turkey, we will export to the world, '' he said.

Drawing attention to the new generation QR code technology that is planned to be put into production in Yozgat, Demirbaş '' With the system we developed, the information on whether the vehicle's license, inspection and insurance is up-to-date is instantly displayed by the security forces, and in case of any stolen vehicle, it is possible to intervene quickly. provided. Thanks to the QR code, we also register whether the plate is real or not. ''

Sharing his views on the world plate industry, Abdullah Demirbaş completed his words as follows: “The market size in 28 European countries has reached 700 million Euros. On average, there is a 2 percent growth in the sector each year. Plate sales in Europe approached 150 million units. We think that the number of countries that start using QR code technology, which is important in terms of safety net, will increase rapidly when serial production starts. If we make the necessary investments, we will have a say in the world in new generation plate technology, as in many other fields. ''

Hibya News Agency

Günceleme: 25/08/2020 12:02

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