EGO Sports Club is Ready for the New Season

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Sports Club will enter the new season fast. EGO Sports Club, which won a champion during the pandemic process and focused on training after the normalization process, is preparing its athletes for the new season. Nearly a thousand medals in the last 1 year kazanAn EGO Sports Club aims to raise the bar even higher in the new season with 30 athletes in 7 branches.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Sports Club is running from success to success. EGO Sports Club, which became a gymnastics champion during the pandemic, started an intense training period for the new season.


During the normalization period, EGO Sports Club continues to work in accordance with social distance and hygiene rules under the conditions determined by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and 30 thousand 7 athletes in 300 branches are preparing for new championships.

EGO Sports Club General Coordinator Taner Özgün stated that they have created a sports club that is not satisfied with success, and said, "In the last 1 year, until the pandemic period, nearly a thousand medals. kazansteep. "We have 400 gold medals," he said. Noting that EGO Sports Club trains athletes in different branches and prepares for the new Olympics, Özgün gave the following information:

“There are Olympics ahead of us. There are Paralympic Olympics. We have athletes who will participate in these Olympics. Our work continues at full speed in all our branches under the conditions deemed appropriate by our Ministry of Health. Our work continues in accordance with social distance and hygiene rules. Of course, EGO Spor did not rest comfortably during the pandemic process, and it brought out a champion in this process. Ümit Şamiloğlu was declared champion by the World Gymnastics Federation. "

Sincan Family Life Center Manager Ali Artuç emphasized that many sports branches from chess to basketball, from swimming to table tennis are included in the Metropolitan Municipality Family Life Centers, and said, “We continue our work in order to carry sports forward and to serve our citizens in a more appropriate way within the framework of the protocol we have made with EGO Sports Club. . We strive to provide better quality service in branches accompanied by professional sports trainers. “We would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and EGO Sports Club President Akın Hondoroğlu for their support in the realization of this protocol”.


The athletes who are proud to be members of the EGO Spor family and have entered an intense training period shared their thoughts with the following words:

  • Fatih Izgi: “I have been practicing karate for 15 years. I am third in Europe and the Balkans. I joined EGO Spor family 5 months ago and I am proud of it. We have a very strong staff. I joined the EGO Spor family because it has the opportunity to develop myself more. "
  • Aysegul Yildirim: "I'm 20 years old. I have been doing judo for 8 years. I have been practicing judo professionally in EGO Spor for the last 4 years. Sport has given me so much. My self-confidence regained, I learned to control myself. My club EGO Spor has always supported me financially and morally. star in Turkey in 2013 I won the championship. In Turkey I have great ikinlig in 2016. I am very happy to be in EGO Spor. "
  • Sinem Karakaya: “I have been kickboxing for 3 years. Normally I couldn't attend the matches. The right to participate in the European Championship before moving to EGO Spor kazanI attended, but I could not attend because I could not find any support and sponsor. I came to EGO Spor through my teacher. With the support of my club, I can now participate in every match, every tournament. I became the champion of Turkey 3 times. Now we are working on the next matches. I would like to thank EGO Spor for the support it has given to me and other female athletes.”

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