How is BİMcell Coverage Area? Where is BİMcell Sold? Bimcell Package Loading

bimcell coverage area how bimcell where to sell bimcell package loading
bimcell coverage area how bimcell where to sell bimcell package loading

When looking at Bimcell in general, it is seen that it is among the most used and preferred line by people. Because it is spoken at a much more affordable price than you have paid until today, without compromising your communication quality. With the increase in the number of people using the line, BİMcell has gradually started to show a serious improvement in TL loading and other transactions.

Is BİMcell really affordable? What is the tariff?

Yes! BİMcell makes 6 seconds of talking in all directions for 0,015 TL. You will speak for the same price whether you load or not. You only pay for the seconds you speak. In other words, open / close is 0,015 TL!

Are there any special offers for BİMcell customers?

Yes! A gift from all-way 25SMS and 30GB Internet BİMcell that can be used for 500 days to all customers who load 1 TL or more at a time.

Does BİMcell have a talking package?

Yes! Each direction 250 Minutes Sound Package is 14 TL, 500 Minutes Sound Package for all directions is 16 TL. Your calls are charged over 6 seconds, the time you do not talk will not be deducted from your minute-by-minute package. It is enough to write 250DK to receive the 250 Minutes package and 500DK to receive the 500 Minutes package and send a free message to 4551.

Does BİMcell have INTERNET and SMS packages?

Yes! 1 GB Package is 11 TL, 2 GB Package is 18 TL, 5 GB Package is 26 TL and 10GB Package is 36 TL. 1000 SMS Package for all directions is 5 TL. You can review the tariff and packages section for details.

Does BİMcell have a package that includes Minute and Internet?

BİMcell's triple packages are just for you! DOST 19 GB to get the Dost 600GB Package, which includes 600 minutes to all directions, 2 SMS to all directions, unlimited calls to BİMcell subscribers and 2 GB internet for only 2 TL per month; To get the Dost 29 GB Package, which includes 750 minutes to all directions, 750 SMS to all directions, unlimited calls to BİMcell subscribers and 5 GB internet for 5 TL per month, DOST 5GB or 39 minutes to all directions within the country for 1000 TL per month, You can write DOST 1000 GB and send it to 10 free of charge to receive the Dost 10 GB Package, which includes 10 SMS to the direction, unlimited calls to BİMcell subscribers and 4551 GB internet.

How is BİMcell's coverage area?

It BİMcell provide uninterrupted communication with coverage rates exceeding 98% of the population in Turkey.

So will my old number change?

No! Depending on your request, you can move your old number to BİMcell or switch to BİMcell with a brand new number.

How can I be a BİMcell subscriber?

You only need to go to the nearest BİM store with a photocopy of your identity card.

Where is BİMcell sold?

Over 6000 BİM stores across the country are also BİMcell sales points.

Since Bimcell does not have as few customers as before, people now prefer to top up TL over the internet instead of just going to the market or other stores. At this point, BİMcell offers services to enable customers to load TL in a short time. Thanks to the services it offers, customers can load as much TL as they want on the Bimcell website.

Bimcell TL Loading

Thanks to our Bimcell TL Upload service, our customers can load TL to their lines in a short time. As we offer this service, we receive high demand from our customers. Since we are a customer-oriented company, we do not charge extra fees for TL loading transactions. We are appreciated by our customers as this feature is very popular. If you want to perform your Bimcell TL loading process, our site you can visit. You can top up in any amount of TL you want in any time zone on our site.

How can I top up Bimcell?

The easiest way to top up your BİMcell line or your relatives using BİMcell line is'also

TL Loading Steps

  • Click on the main page to enter the TL Loading screen.
  • Enter the Phone number you want to upload.
  • Choose the amount of TL you want to top up.
  • Type in your credit card information.
  • Re-enter the Phone number you want to upload
  • After the confirmation screen, complete the transaction by entering your secure shopping password, your "3D Secure" password.

Terms of Use

In order to top up TL from the TL Top Up Service with Credit Card, you need to get your Secure shopping password 3D Secure password from your credit card bank.

TL Amount

25 TL 30 TL 35 TL 40 TL 45 TL 50 TL

Secure shopping password What is 3D Secure password?

It is a system developed to increase the security of online credit card shopping. With the “secure virtual shopping” solution developed by Visa and MasterCard, both cardholders and member businesses are secured against fraud.

Secure shopping password Advantages of using 3D Secure password;

  • Protection of your card information with your own password and personal message,
  • Safer shopping opportunity as your password is determined by you,
  • Easy registration.

Online TL Top Up Service

In line with the increasing needs of our customers, we have updated ourselves as a site and activated this service in order to solve the top-up transactions of people using BİMcell. in You our site If you use BİMcell by visiting, you can complete your TL loading process in a short time. As a site, we are proud that our customers are satisfied with the services provided.

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