No Marriage Fee Will Be Taken From Healthcare Professionals in Ankara

No wedding fee will be charged from healthcare professionals in Ankara
No wedding fee will be charged from healthcare professionals in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality made a gesture of marriage fee to the health personnel who worked devotedly during the pandemic process. While the Presidency letter that came to the agenda in the Metropolitan Municipality Council was accepted unanimously, other wages related to marriage, excluding the international family card fee, will not be collected from healthcare professionals working in the public and private sectors from now on.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its social municipal practices without slowing down.

Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to support economically by facilitating the lives of citizens, will not receive any fees for the marriage procedures of all healthcare professionals who work devotedly during the pandemic process.


The Presidency Letter, which came to the agenda with the signature of Mayor Yavaş in the August meeting of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, was unanimously accepted.

With the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality, which provides support to healthcare professionals in many issues from free transportation to accommodation, will now not receive external or room marriage fees from healthcare professionals who want to get married. In the decision adopted in the Assembly;

`` Certification that all healthcare personnel working in the public or private sector that are within the scope of the 'Regulation on Job and Job Descriptions of Healthcare Professionals and Other Healthcare Professionals' who serve with great devotion during the pandemic process are 'health personnel' and within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality In case they want to perform the marriage procedure, it is about to take a decision not to collect other service fees related to marriage received by our municipality, excluding the International Family Wallet fee.

Healthcare workers who work in the capital and want to get married will not pay room and external marriage fees, except for the International Family Pass, which is 140 TL, if they apply to the Marriage Directorate, which serves under the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs.

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