About Tophane Clock Tower

About Tophane Clock Tower
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Tophane Clock Tower, Ottoman sultan II in Bursa. It is rumored that Abdülhamit was built in honor of the 29th anniversary of the throne.

It is an important monumental work that reflects the architecture of the Ottoman period. It is in the Tophane Square, in the Tophane Park, behind the tombs of the founder of the Empire Osman Gazi and his second sultan Orhan Gazi. It was also used as a fire tower due to the panoramic Bursa view from its location.


In the same place, a watch tower was first built during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz, but it was destroyed until the 1900s on an unknown date. The construction of the existing tower started on August 2, 1904, it was completed on August 31, 1905, and II. In honor of Abdülhamit's throne, it was put into service with a ceremony by Governor Reşit Mümtaz Pasha.

Structural Information

The tower has 6 floors and is 65 meters long and 4,65 meters wide. It is planned to have 4 clocks on its top, facing four sides. The tower, which has an entrance in the south part, can be reached by a 89-step wooden ladder. On the four facades of the upper floor of the tower, there are round clocks with a diameter of 90 centimeters.

Today, it has an electronic clock and is also used by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for fire surveillance purposes.


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