We Will Succeed Together!

we will succeed together
we will succeed together

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu said, "We will succeed together." He invited Istanbul residents, especially elderly citizens, to stay in their homes. IETT General Directorate wrote the words of the president on the pediments of the buses: We Will Succeed Together!

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), moved to the central building in Saraçhane to continue his work after the event he held in Üsküdar at noon. After meeting with his staff, teleconference method, İmamoğlu came before the cameras. İmamoğlu gave important messages to the people of Istanbul in his live broadcast from social media accounts and İBB TV. “Today, I went to Üsküdar without notifying anybody to see a very important investment of İSKİ for Üsküdar on site. Even if the streets were more secluded than ever, there were still considerable people. This is completely wrong. Do not do this. Sit on your balcony. Open your windows, ventilate your home. We put each other under a great threat by going out, especially by concentrating bulk areas. Especially my fellow citizens aged 60 years and over; please heed our words. "


“Also dear children; I guess you are bored at home. Of course, you have the right to play games, but let's not neglect our lessons. Let's read a lot of books. Let's not hug our grandmothers and grandparents for a while. This is very important for both you and their health. We want you to not be upset today. We said, 'We will succeed together.' To succeed together; we must work together, we must strive together. Yes; My fellow citizens, who have been aged for a while, will be bored at home. But what happens, don't let us upset these days, let's take maximum precaution. For now please stay home. I love you all. God bless us all. I kiss your hands, our elders. Greetings and love to all of you. I think my messages were received to the youth. Guys, I kiss you all through your eyes. I wish you all a healthy day. We will succeed together. ”

İETT Operations General Directorate, which has taken action after the message of İBB President Erkem İmamoğlu's “we will succeed together”, has published the message “We Will Succeed Together” on the pediments of the buses in its fleet. The application will be expanded in Private Public Buses over time.



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